Educational Outcomes

Statement of Educational Outcomes for the FT Medical Assisting Program 2021

In compliance with the Medical Assisting Education Review Board policy 210, 2015 Standards, all accredited medical assisting programs are required to publish a single percentage outcome from the 2021 Annual Report Review.  The outcomes are to be published at a location that is accessible to prospective and current students, graduates and the public. After the evaluation of the current ARF, MAERB will choose the specific the outcomes with the year designated for publication.

Based on Forsyth Tech’s Medical Assisting program annual report form of 2021, the following cohort groups and areas of review have been designated by MAERB for outcome results:

Retention – Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Result is 47.37% for 2019. For the last five years, the overall rate is 68.42%.

Job Placement – Job Placement results is 100% for the 2019 Graduates and for the last five years, the outcome has been 100%.

Exam Passage – Exam results from this report indicates 100% pass rate for the 2019 Graduates.

06.01.2022 updated