Program Description

The Global Scholar of Distinction program is designed to help prepare students for a world where virtually everything—the economy, culture, politics, business— is global in scope. Participation in this program will allow you to engage in discussions and be exposed to experiences to see how you fit in an interconnected world.

Career & Academic Advantages

When you leave Forsyth Tech to begin your career or transfer to a four-year school, the designation “Graduated with Global Distinction” on your resume or transcript will be a unique credential that sets you apart. It will show employers and transfer institutions that you have an understanding of global cultural, political and historical information that is superior and more comprehensive than other students.

Course of Study

The Global Scholar of Distinction Program consists of four components:

  1. Complete at least 15 credit hours of globally intensive courses.
  2. Participate in 8 international actives and dialogue: speakers, films, performances (2 per semester).
  3. Gain global experience through 30 hours participation in either study abroad or a domestic intercultural experience.
  4. Give capstone presentation related to your global learning participation

Global courses include:
BIO 110, COM 231, COM 120, ENG 111, ENG 112, ENG 114, ENG 131, ENG 242, ENG 262, HUM 120, HUM 150, MAT 143, MUS 110, PSY 150 SPA 111, SPA 112, ART 111, ART 240, BUS 137, ENG 241, FRE 111, HIS 111, HIS 112, HUM 110, INT 110, INT 115, INT 220, PSY 241, REL 110, SOC 210, all foreign language course.

Other courses will be added – see your advisor for details.  Not all courses are available every semester.

You will have a designated advisor to assist you with program planning.

For more information on the global Scholar of Distinction Program, contact:
Carol Hayes
Program Coordinator