SHRM Talent Acquisition Specialty Credential

Ready to win the war on talent? Obtain the necessary skills and understanding to implement a talent acquisition strategy at your organization. Discover the benefits of workforce planning. Learn the steps to improve your candidate experience and employment branding. Explore recruiting and sourcing strategies for developing a diverse an inclusive talent pipeline. Reflect on case studies and newly-acquired expertise to apply what you learn to your organization.

Here’s how you can earn your specialty credential:

  1. Register and attend SHRM’s “Talent Acquisition: Creating Your Organization’s Strategy”
  2. Complete six SHRM eLearning courses on talent Acquisition
  3. Pass a 50-questiononline talent acquisition knowledge Assessment.
  4. Receive your specialty credential digital badge on your resume, email signatures and social media
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SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential

People analytics is the wave of the future! Using data for analysis purposes has become the preferred way in making business decisions. Learn to identify talent strengths and risks and to contribute to the strategic objective of your organization.

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Be recognized for your knowledge and ability to leverage people-related data and analytics to influence business decisions and make data-based recommendations.

Here’s how you can earn your credential:

  1. Complete the People Analytics: Foundational Data Literacy SHRM eLearning module
  2. Participate in “People Analytics: Taking Data-Driven Action” educational program
  3. Complete two additional SHRM eLearning courses on people analytics
  4. Pass a 50-question online people analytics knowledge assessment
  5. Receive your People Analytics specialty credential digital badge and display it on your resume, email signatures and social media.

A SHRM-CP, or SCP are not required to earn your specialty credential.

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To find out when the next scheduled Talent Acquisition or People Analytics courses will be held, visit Human Resources Management Education. Or, for more information on either of these dynamic courses contact Tracey Williams 336-734-7727 or

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