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Growing Your Personal Brand: A Q&A with Allen Younger

Picture of Allan Younger, link to his article "Growing Your Personal Brand"

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21 Reasons Why 80% of All Businesses Fail (from Coach Antonio McCoy)

  • Reason 1…No written plans or goals…Listen here.
  • Reason 2…Poor Time Management…Listen here.
  • Reason 3…Lack of Systems…Listen here.
  • Reason 4…Lack of Knowledge…Listen here.
  • Reason 5…Not knowing the numbers…Listen here.
  • Reason 6…Not understanding the sales process…Listen here.
  • Reason 7…Not representing the business properly…Listen here.
  • Reason 8…Ineffective staff recruiting, training and development…Listen here.
  • Reason 9…Lack of effective prospecting…Listen here.
  • Reason 10…Not fully utilizing your database…Listen here.
  • Reason 11…Not developing a business network…Listen here.
  • Reason 12…Too much focus on the competition…Listen here.
  • Reason 13…Ineffective marketing…Listen here.
  • Reason 14…Inability to adjust to technological changes…Listen here.
  • Reason 15…Poor decision making…Listen here.
  • Reason 16…Lack of Dynamic Leadership…Listen here.
  • Reason 17…Not Knowing How To Raise Capital…Listen here.
  • Reason 18…Easily affected by economic swings…Listen here.
  • Reason 19…Poor written communication…Listen here.
  • Reason 20…Lack of follow up…Listen here.
  • Reason 21…Lack of motivation…Listen here.

QuickBooks Tips (from Audrey Blackburn)

Small Business Center Awards

NCCCS Small Business Center awards 2019

The North Carolina Community College System NCCCS Small Business Center Network recently announced the winners of its Centers of Excellence Awards at its fall 2019 conference in Asheville, NC.

Small Business Success Story – Overcoming Challenges – Allan Younger, Forsyth Technical Community College

The Forsyth Technical Community College SBC, under the leadership of Allan Younger, worked with Shereen Gomaa, who started Delicious by Shereen, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help the refugee community. The organization empowers them to use their cooking skills to help their families rather than asking for help, and thereby supporting their successful integration into life in America. Through Delicious Development, a program that provides economic opportunities for under-employed and unemployed women in the refugee community, these newly resettled refugees build bridges in the community while supporting themselves. Shereen is currently operating out of a shared commercial kitchen. Her vision is to open a facility that includes a certified commercial catering kitchen, a cooking class and demonstration space, and a community space for events. The facility would provide the ideal place for people to build on the momentum of creating economic independence and integration into local society through the common language of food and the love of cooking.