Certified EHR Specialist

This 120-hour course will cover the use and management of health information and the electronic health record (EHR). Students will be introduced to the use of health information and the electronic health record for many settings within the health care industry. Topics include basic office skills and procedures, medical terminology, basic coding and billing information and HIPAA. Participants will have a practical understanding of electronic health records, how they are used in all areas of healthcare and the relevance to the job market today.

Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED, Reading & Language Placement Tests (valid for one year), Basic Computer Skills


Occupation Description

EHR Specialist’s duties will vary with size and specialty of the facility in which they may work.

  1. Assemble patient’s health information to ensure information is complete and accurate
  2. Enter data, such as demographic characteristics, history and extent of disease, diagnostic procedures and treatment into computer
  3. Statistical and Data Analysis for Quality Improvement Measures
  4. Assist with special studies and research for public health agencies
  5. Compile medical care and census data for statistical reports on diseases treated, surgery performed, and use of hospital beds for clinical audits
  6. Manage data backup, retention of records as well as maintain a variety of health record indexes, storage and retrieval systems
  7. Work National Database Registries as a registrar, Contacts discharged patients, their families, and physicians to maintain registry with follow-up information, such as quality of life and length of survival of cancer patients
  8. Work with department managers to review policies and develops new workflows for EHR, coordinate training resources and provides on-going end user training
  9. Assist with the daily operations of the office.  Duties may include answering the phone, inputting notes from patient’s charts, scheduling appointments and general reception area duties


Additional Information

Certified CEHRS Technical Standards


Careers Available

Work in a Doctor’s Office, Medical Records, EHR Specialist


Entry-Level Salary



Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will:

  1. Understand the reasons for the integration of technology into healthcare is necessary.
  2. Show skill and competence in the operation of the EHR.
  3. Understand basic concepts in health data management.
  4. Define and understand privacy, confidentiality, and security in healthcare and the relationship to the electronic health record and health information management.
  5. Learn basic medical terminology as it applies in the health care setting.
  6. Learn office skills and basic office functions that are used by of an Electronic Health Record Specialist.


Recommended Courses and Skills

  • Efficient and accurate data-entry skills
  • Ability to multi-task and handle many items or patients and medical staff at once
  • Computer literacy and multi-line phone experience.
  • Attention to detail


Helpful Personal Attributes

  • Pleasant, professional, and articulate phone voice
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Accuracy


Program Contact

West Campus Customer Service 336.734.7023