Emergency Medical Technician

Occupation Description

Emergency Medical Technicians provide prehospital treatment to sick or injured patients and provide transportation via ambulances to the hospital.

Additional Information

Emergency Medical Technician Program Technical Standards

Careers Available

Careers opportunities may include employment with a county or private Emergency Medical Service (Ambulance Service), working in an emergency room or in a doctor’s office.

Entry-Level Salary

$24,000 – $32,000/yr

Learning Objectives

Students will learn appropriate care for the sick and injured such as:  oxygen administration, basic and advanced airway management, CPR, splinting and hemorrhage control,  medication administration, and 12 lead ECG acquisitions.

Recommended Courses and Skills

Students need to read at the eleventh grade level.  TABE testing is required.

Helpful Personal Attributes

Students should be able to work as a team or individually, be able to multitask, work well under pressure and have critical thinking ability. Students should have good written and oral communication skills.

Program Contact

Penni Swaim, EMS Coordinator EWD