The Dorothy L. Lougee Nursing Assistant I Program

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This state approved course introduces basic nursing skills required to provide personal care for patients, residents, the elderly or others requiring medical assistance in a healthcare setting.  Through classroom instruction, laboratory work and clinical rotations, students are prepared to take the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Competency Examination.   Successful completion is required for listing on the NC Nurse Aide 1 Registry. CPR certification is included in the class.

Note: Students must initiate a criminal background check and drug screen before registering for an NA1 class.  If denied access to a clinical facility, the student will not be able to progress in the program due to the inability to meet clinical requirements and will be unable to continue in the program.

Nursing Assistant I Classes


Occupation Description

The Nursing Assistant Level 1 (NA1) plays an important role in patient care.  As the front line care provider, NA1’s spend more time in direct contact with the patient than any other member of the health care team.  Under supervision of registered and practical nurses, the Nursing Assistant provides basic nursing skills and personal care activities such as measuring vital signs and assisting patients with activities of daily living (feeding, bathing, moving, or grooming patients), and maintaining a safe environment for the resident/patient.


Careers Available (Employment Opportunities)

Nursing Assistants (NA1) are employed in Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Clinics, Hospices, Rehabilitation Centers, Psychiatric Centers, and Home Care.  There is a high demand for NA1s, especially in long term care and home health.


Entry-Level Salary (Low-High)

Earnings for NA1s vary depending on experience, shift and length of service.  Entry level pay may begin at $8.70 for the new NA1, but range from $9.15 – $14.00 with experience and location.


Learning Objectives (Course Info)

The 177 hour NA1 program at Forsyth Tech is a state approved course which teaches basic nursing skills to the NA1 candidate.  Such skills are required to provide personal care for patients, residents, the elderly and others requiring medical assistance in a healthcare setting.  Emphasis is placed on patient safety and infection control, the aging process, communication, legal and ethical issues, patient rights, personal care, vital signs, elimination, nutrition, emergencies, rehabilitation, proper body mechanics and mental health. CPR certification sessions are included and supervised clinical experiences are conducted.  Students are prepared to take the North Carolina Nurse Aide Competency Examination, a requirement for listing on the NC Nurse Aide I Registry.


Hybrid Program Description

The Dorothy L. Lougee, Nursing Assistant I Hybrid Program is a blended course that integrates online instruction and in person testing, lab work, and clinical practice. The online component of the class is through Blackboard, a virtual learning environment, offering students guided study through the various course modules, while ensuring participation through assigned readings, weekly assignments, as well as discussion board postings. Typically, students are given a week to submit assignments online, with periodic commentary and discussion board postings to be included by the instructor(s) and other students. This course is ideal for students who are proficient in the use of technology, independent in their work processes, and are in need of a flexible classroom schedule. A course calendar is available for students to reference the days and times in which they are required to attend campus for exams, lab work, and for the clinical component of the course.


Recommended Courses and Skills (Technical Skills)

Nursing Assistant 1 candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and successfully complete a placement test with reading at a 10th grade level and math at a 6th grade level.   Completion of a state approved NA1 course is recommended.  For State Certification, graduates must also pass a state examination.


Helpful Personal Attributes (Soft Skills)

Human resource skills are essential for work in health care.  Such skills include professionalism, teamwork, customer services, and communication skills.  They also need to be organized and self-starters.  Safety is key and all precautions must be taken to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.



  • Complete background check and drug screen (instructions provided upon CastleBranch account setup)
    • If you have questions concerning your CastleBranch account setup or upload, please contact CastleBranch at 888.914.7279. How to Order PDF icon
      1. Upload a copy of driver’s license or picture ID
      2. Copy of Math/Reading Placement Testing (or approved equivalent)
      3. Upload a copy of High School Diploma or transcript with graduation date
      4. Download and complete Orientation Checklist, upload when completed
      5. Acknowledge receipt of Orientation Handout
      6. Upload proof of required vaccinations (Flu shot is only required between August-March)
  • CPR is included in the hours for the course. DO NOT upload a copy of your CPR card prior to registration. You will be prompted to upload your CPR card by a due date that is determined by your instructor.
  • Nursing Assistant I Information Session West Campus
  • Nursing Assistant I Information Session NWFC in King
  • 2019 Nursing Assistant I Information Session Schedule PDF icon

Estimated Cost

  • Registration: $235.00
  • Books:
    1. NC Nurse Aide I Modules
    2. Forsyth Tech Community College Nursing Assistant I Program Policy Book
    3. HS BLS Provider Manual (CPR book)

* all prices subject to change

Contact the bookstore (336.734.7754) for current textbook prices.

Not included:

  • Uniform
  • CastleBranch background check and Drug Screen ($97.00) – See information under requirements above
  • Stethoscope and blood pressure cuff (optional, but recommended)
  • State Certification Exam ($101.00) – All fees due on last day of class


Important Information Regarding Challengers:

Anyone who is not in the system to challenge the state test by February 29, 2016 will not be able to do so and must go through an approved NC training program. The only exceptions to this would be the following:

  • Persons currently listed on any state’s Nurse Aide I registry
  • U.S. military who have completed medical corpsman training
  • Retired or non-practicing nurses


Program Contact:  Customer Service at 336.734.7023