The West Campus Testing Center

The West Campus Testing Center, located in Room 8 on Forsyth Tech’s West Campus, focuses on meeting the assessment needs of current and potential students of CCR and EWD as well as members of our greater community. In addition to placement testing for CCR and EWD students, the center offers high school equivalency testing and job-related skills assessments. All assessments are conducted in a comfortable, distraction-free environment, and all testing is by appointment.

Location: 1300 Bolton Street, Winston Salem, NC, 27103 Room 8

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West Campus Testing offers the following assessments:


Tests of Adult Basic Education

TABE Assessments for CCR Placement

CCR uses computer-based Reading, Language and Math TABE tests for class placement. The tests are administered as a pretest to new or returning students who have completed the CCR online Orientation. After students have attained the required number of classroom or online instructional hours, they will be required to post test using the TABE assessment.


CCR TABE testing is by appointment only. Those students who complete the CCR online Orientation will receive a link to make an appointment for testing. Those students who are ready to post test will be contacted by CCR staff regarding their testing date and time.

To sign up for the CCR online Orientation click here (


TABE Assessments for EWD Placement

West Campus Testing administers paper-based Reading, Language and Math TABE tests for placement into Economic and Workforce Development programs of study. Students receive their scores on the day of testing. For information on TABE testing requirements for specific EWD programs, consult the program website.


EWD TABE testing is by appointment only. Sessions are Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. For an appointment or for more information, call or email Nicole Ard at 336-734-7831/ or Michael Glontz at 336-757-3701/


High School Equivalency Testing with HiSET

HiSet ImageWest Campus Testing administers the HiSET exam for those students earning their High School Equivalency Diploma. Aligned to new college-and-career readiness standards for adults, the HiSET® exam certifies that candidates’ academic knowledge and skills are equivalent to those of high school graduates. Students must register, pay for, and schedule their tests on the HiSET website at All High School Equivalency diplomas are issued by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. After completing and passing the five subtests, students may download their diploma at

For more information on HSE testing in North Carolina click here:


HiSET at a Glance


Links to HiSET test prep materials

Computer-based and paper-based options available.

Cost: $10.75 for computer-based tests; $15.00 for paper-based tests

Subtest Test Duration Passing Score
Reading 65 minutes 8
Social Studies 70 minutes 8
Science 80 minutes 8
Math 90 minutes 8
Writing 120 minutes 8 (Minimum score of 2 on your essay)

Students must attain a total score of 45 to earn their HSE Diploma. The essay score is not included in this overall total, but students must score at least a 2 on the essay to pass the Language Arts – Writing portion of the HiSET battery of tests. For more information or to register for a HiSET exam, click here:

Minors 16 years or older may take the HiSET battery of tests but must first bring Minor Release Forms, which can be found here, to Room 6 on West Campus. For information regarding minors and HSE testing in North Carolina or for general information about HiSET testing at Forsyth Tech, call 336-734-7831 or email


CASAS placement testing for English Language Acquisition (ELA)

Casas Image

West Campus Testing administers computer-based and paper-based CASAS Life and Work listening tests to ELA students. The tests are administered as a pretest and a post-test to new and returning students. After students have attained the required number of classroom or online instructional hours, they will be required to post test. CASAS Life and Work testing is by appointment only.

For information on the ELA program at Forsyth Tech or dates for upcoming ELA Orientation sessions, call 336-757-3719 or click here

ELA students who need to post test will be notified by the ELA staff regarding the date and time of testing.


Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

WorkKeys image Forsyth Tech offers WorkKeys testing for the National Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), a test-based, EEOC-compliant credential that tells employers you have workplace-ready skills in several areas. Driven by industry needs, the CRC adds value to job candidates by promoting skill attainment and confirms to employers that an individual possesses basic workplace skills in Workplace Documents, Applied Math and Graphic Literacy – skills important in today’s job market. Other skills tests are also available to individual testers based on employer requirements.


The costs for the WorkKeys assessments are as follows:

  • Applied Math* – $15.00
  • Workplace Documents* – $15.00
  • Graphic Literacy* – $15.00
  • Applied Technology – $15.00
  • Workplace Observation – $20.00
  • Business Writing – $20.00


Not all students will be required to pay for their test fees.  Some students may qualify for scholarships and some employers and other organizations cover the ACT WorkKeys test fees.  Please check with your referring instructor, employer, or organization if you feel this is the case.  If you are required to pay for your own test fees, it is handled typically on the day of testing.  Fees are paid at the West Campus Cashier’s office, located next to Customer Service. The test is administered in English. For information on WorkKeys testing at Forsyth Tech and to schedule a test, call 336-734-7831 or 336-757-3701.