Medical Assisting Review (Online Blackboard Class)

This course is designed to allow students the opportunity to refresh information needed in order to take the AAMA certification exam or the AMT exam for registration.  This course will cover the materials documented in the AAMA Certification Review.   Upon completion, students should be prepared to sit for either the AAMA certification exam and/or the AMT exam for registration based on their personal review of the material.  Completion of this course does not in any way determine the pass or fail outcome of the national exams.  This is designed as a preparatory review.

Medical Assisting Review Classes


  • Students must be in the last semester of their AAS medical assistant program,    OR
  • Students may have graduated from a CAAHEP accredited diploma or AAS Medical Assisting program.
    •  IMPORTANT:  For verification prior to registration, Contact  Anna Hilton at 336.734.7362 or
  • This course requires Internet access, an email address and a web browser.

NOTE:  The registration deadline for this course is noon one week prior to the start date of the course.

Estimated Cost:  $130.00

To receive a full refund, requests should be made prior to the start date of the course.  On the start date, students may apply for a 75 percent refund if they have not completed the first assignment.  Refunds may be requested online or onsite at the West Campus.

For more information, contact Anna Hilton at 336.734.7362 or