2022 Blackboard Medical Coding Booklist


Course Name Title of Required Book, (and ISBN#)* Author Approximate cost after tax
Bb: Medical Terminology; NUR-3235MTP-ALL Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide, 9th Edition; (9781975136376) Barbara Cohen Ann DePetris $103
Bb: Medical Coding –CPT;MED-3030MCC-ALL Book/Access Code Bundle
Understanding Current Procedural Terminology and HCPCS 9th Edition (2022);
+ MindTap Access Code; (9780357762813)
Mary Jo Bowie $178
Bb: Medical Coding –ICD-10 MED-3030MCD-ALL Book/Access Code Bundle
Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, 7th Edition (2022);+ MindTap Access Code; (9780357762790)
Mary Jo Bowie $185
Bb: AAPC Certification Exam Review; MED-3008ACE-ALL <AccessCode only
Professional Review Guide Online for the CPC Examination, 2022;
(9780357700006 – Cengage Unlimited)
Patricia Schnering $120

In addition, the Medical Coding courses (all except Medical Terminology) also require the following course materials IN ADDITION to those listed above (and must be purchased before you begin the coding courses):

  • CPT Professional (2022 Edition) (ISBN: 9781640160873)
  • ICD-10-CM 2022 Expert Physicians (ISBN: 9781622547661)
  • HCPCS Level II 2022 Professional (ISBN: 9781622547548)

PLEASE READ – A much more cost-effective alternative for the CPT, ICD-10, and AAPC Exam Review course materials is to buy a Cengage Unlimited access code. It covers all these materials, as e-books and access codes instead of printed books, but has a time limit. It costs $179.99 for 1 year, or $119.99 for 4 months.  Please check with a Forsyth Tech bookstore representative if you have additional questions.

These required books are available at the Forsyth Tech and prices may have changed.  Please call for exact price. (336)734-7100

*All books must be new for Blackboard courses.

The bookstore will match Amazon prices.

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