Dr. Spriggs and a student

Hello Forsyth Tech,

I hope the spirit of gratitude was with you over our Thanksgiving holiday, even though our celebrations his year were most likely very different than in years past.  Over the past nine months, as we battled the COVID-19 pandemic, we clearly saw the many economic disparities that exist among our students.  Too many lost their jobs due to the shutdown, too many experienced food or housing insecurity, and too many lacked the resources they needed to successfully navigate online learning.  The economic issues resulting from the pandemic have created significant financial challenges for our students.

Forsyth Tech Foundation Employee Giving Campaign

Throughout the pandemic, I have been incredibly proud of the work we have done to demonstrate for our students that Forsyth Tech Cares.  Our Forsyth Tech Foundation has been an invaluable resource, helping more than 450 students in need stay in school, even as “life happens” issues threatened to derail their forward progress.  Since March, the Foundation has bought and loaned Chromebooks and laptops, helped with tuition assistance, provided gift cards for groceries, and awarded assistance grants for other emergency needs.

The support and resources provided for students by our Forsyth Tech Foundation are critical in helping us keep the promises we make to our students and our community. The Foundation works tirelessly to secure community investments for student scholarships, professional development grants and technology purchases. We count on the Foundation to help our students reach their goals and without the Foundation’s scholarships, assistance grants and emergency assistance, too many students would not be able to achieve their dreams.

The theme for this year’s Foundation’s Employee Giving Campaign is Celebrate and Elevate.  The idea is to Celebrate the good things that have happened this year, (despite COVID-19), and Elevate the ways the Foundation supports students by mitigating barriers to help them stay in school.

I know so many of us have witnessed firsthand the impact our Forsyth Tech Foundation has had in the lives of countless students, and I encourage you to help us make this year’s Celebrate and Elevate campaign our best internal fundraising effort ever.  Your donations matter and our internal giving is even more important this year than ever before!

If you already donated, we are so very grateful.  If you have not donated yet, please consider even a small donation to help the Foundation help more students achieve their dreams.  Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of our students.  To donate, go to  “Celebrate and Elevate.”

Updated Guidance for COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, the Governor and the Mayor of Winston-Salem have enacted additional measures to combat the increased impact of the virus and to help us protect ourselves and keep each other safe.  Last week, I directed the Emergency Operations Team (EOT) to review the changes in the Governor’s order and provide recommendations and updated guidance for all of us who will be working at any Forsyth Tech campus following the Thanksgiving holiday break and throughout the remainder of 2020.  The Executive Leadership Team and I reviewed the EOT’s recommendations and approved the following updated guidance.

Face Coverings

Anytime a person is on campus he/she must wear a mask. This includes when in a classroom/lab setting, in meetings, and in the workspace when others are present even if social distancing can occur.

Classes/Labs after Thanksgiving

Classes/labs that are approved for in-person on campus following Thanksgiving following all College rules and guidelines to be able to continue to meet on campus. Students and instructors must always be socially distanced and wear face coverings.  Anything that can be virtual, should be virtual.  If face-to-face meetings are necessary, they should be limited to 10 people or less.

Employees on Campus After Thanksgiving

Supervisors and executive leaders will work with their teams to ensure that employees with jobs that can be performed effectively remotely, will work remotely when possible while at the same time ensuring excellent service to our students.  When jobs cannot be performed effectively remotely, supervisors will stagger schedules of employees to reduce the number present in any given workspace. Whenever employees are on campus working, they must socially distance, wear their masks, and wash their hands often.

Being Strong

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” ~Cayla Mills

This year has shown us how strong we truly can be. We found our individual strength and we have leaned on and supported each other.  The only choice we had was to be strong, and we have been stronger together.

We are #ForsythTechStrong!

Take care, stay safe and be well!

Warm regards,

Janet Spriggs' Signature