Risks of COVID-19

In order to understand the risks that you face by returning to campus, you must understand that COVID-19 is a highly infectious, life-threatening disease declared by the World Health Organization to be a global pandemic. COVID-19’s highly contagious nature means that contact with others or contact with surfaces that have been exposed to the virus may lead to infection. Additionally, individuals who may have been infected with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic for a period or may never exhibit symptoms at all. Because of its highly contagious and sometimes “hidden” nature, it is very difficult to control the spread of COVID-19 on the Forsyth Tech campus or to determine whether, where, or how a specific individual may have been exposed to the disease. Forsyth Tech is taking steps recommended by public health authorities to minimize the risk of spreading this disease on all Forsyth Tech campuses.

Forsyth Tech College cannot and does not guarantee a COVID-19-free environment, and there remains a risk that you may contract COVID-19 if you come onto campus to attend classes.

In order to minimize the risks associated with Covid-19, the policies and guidelines below are incorporated into the Forsyth Tech College Student Code of Conduct and are applicable to all students. Your compliance with these requirements is essential to assisting the college in minimizing the risks to you and other members of the community.

General Principles

  • You are subject to all guidelines for individuals related to the COVID-19 pandemic established by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).In addition, the State of North Carolina has issued guidelines for personal behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic and you must comply with such guidelines at all times. You understand that both sets of these guidelines may change, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you always understand and comply with these guidelines.
  • From time to time the College may implement additional requirements based on the evolving changes of COVID-19 restrictions.
  • You understand that these conditions and limitations on your personal behavior are necessary in order to reduce the risk of transmitting and/or being infected by the

COVID-19 virus and that your failure to comply with these responsibilities may jeopardize your health and safety, as well as the health and safety of others in the campus community, potentially causing severe illness and death.


  • Students will comply with governmental, state, and campus directives concerning maintaining required physical distancing (six feet) between themselves and other individuals on campus.
  • Students will use a face covering of their choosing that conforms to CDC guidelines anytime that they are on a Forsyth Tech Property or authorized space, including in all academic spaces and the dining hall (except while eating) unless given different instructions by authorized college personnel; when in an outdoor space, face coverings may be removed only while maintaining physical distancing (6 feet);
  • Students will engage in frequent hand-washing and follow proper sneeze and cough etiquette, as recommended by the CDC;
  • If students develop any symptom of COVID-19as described by the CDC, they will immediately:
    • Inform the COVID-19 team via email at COVID-19@forsythtech.edu  found on the Forsyth Tech website.
    • Remain off campus
    • Wait to be cleared before returning to campus
    • If required by the College, agree to remain in self-quarantine for a time period determined by the College, in consultation with public health authorities.

The above conditions may change, and students agree to follow all college directives relating to COVID-19 and public health requirements.

Any failure to adhere to any of the above directives is a violation of the Code of Conduct that may result in sanctions, including immediate removal from Forsyth Tech and/or suspension/dismissal from the College.