Guidelines for Meetings and Travel

Minimize non-essential travel. Check the CDC’s Traveler’s Health Notices for the latest guidance. If an employee must travel, practice self-monitoring. If an employee experiences COVID-related symptoms while traveling, he/she should notify his/her direct supervisor immediately and contact a healthcare provider, if needed. Out of an abundance of caution, Forsyth Tech is requiring employees who travel to any international location to complete the Travel Form before they depart the country.

Meetings should be conducted electronically using videoconferencing such as Teams, etc. Large work-related gatherings of greater than 10 people should be postponed. If videoconferencing is not available, meetings should be held in an open, well-ventilated area keeping social distancing guidelines.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Housekeeping will clean and sanitize high touch areas in common areas of the college multiple times per day. There will be a deep clean each night with scheduled disinfectant sprayings. Departments should complete a “School Dude” work order for needed cleaning supplies. Faculty members should wipe down areas in the classroom/lab that were touched. Computer labs should be wiped down using the appropriate cleaning material.

Supplies such as gloves and spray bottles with cleaning solution can be requested by completing a work order through SchoolDude. Facilities will provide the supplies and instruction on the proper use of the items. For cleaning that would be best performed by our Housekeeping staff, complete a work order via SchoolDude. Remember that all high touch areas, such as door handles, elevator buttons and counter tops will be regularly cleaned by Housekeeping. Do not throw away empty college-issued hand sanitizer containers.

Office Operations

All employees should understand how to prevent and slow the spread of the COVID-19. If possible, an entry point and exit point to direct traffic flow and increase social distancing has been established. Managers should work with Facilities in the placement of social distancing floor indicators. If appropriate and safe, interior doors could be left open to reduce touch points.

In the event there is an area where there is not a way to clearly indicate social distancing guidelines, temporary methods may be used such as placing a table in front of the employee workstation. If there is an area where none of these options are available, please seek guidance from Human Resources for best practices and/or complete a work order using the “School Dude” work order system to have a sneeze guard physical barrier added, if feasible.

All student lounges will be closed until further notice. Lobby areas with furniture will be outfitted to promote social distancing.

Signage will be placed at the main entrance to each building indicating entry/exit points. Social distancing indicators will be displayed for high volume areas such as Cashier areas (all locations), Admissions, Records, or as determined by the area manager. Other signage as appropriate will be placed to encourage social distancing, handwashing procedures, and traffic flow.

Only two people permitted on an elevator at one time. Signage will be placed to reflect that limitation. Floor indicators will also be placed in each elevator.

Water fountains should not be used.

No more than one person at a time is permitted to operate a vehicle in the performance of their work duties unless an exception is made by a supervisor.

Outside Agencies Use of Facilities

Forsyth Tech facilities will be for FT business only until the Governor opens the state fully. At that time, interested parties should contact the appropriate personnel at each location to schedule the use of Forsyth Tech meeting space. Groups using Forsyth Tech property may be limited in capacity size based on the need for social distancing. Forsyth Tech, following CDC guidelines, requires wearing face coverings, washing hands regularly for at least 20 seconds or if that is not available, using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. The use of facilities is subject to change based on the needs of the college and/or the COVID-19 pandemic concerns.