How do I know if I have been exposed?

Anyone who has been in “close contact” must be identified by the individual who tested positive. A “close contact” is defined as anyone who was within six feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting 48 hours before the person began feeling sick until the time the person was isolated (From the CDC). Those individuals must be notified that they have been identified by someone who has tested positive and reported them as someone who has been within six feet for more than 10 minutes without a cloth face mask in the last 48 hours.

Those identified must be instructed to self-monitor and advise if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. Cough
  2. Fever
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Chills
  5. Repeated shaking with chills
  6. Muscle pain
  7. Headache
  8. Sore throat
  9. New loss of taste or smell