Creating Blueprints For The Future

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Forsyth Tech works hard to ensure that academic programs remain relevant and offer the highest-quality training and education, and to prepare students for continuous learning and employment in rapidly changing business and technical environments. To accomplish this, the college forms partnerships with experts from the local community who serve on the college’s industry-based Advisory Committees.

“Our committee members are actively involved in our Architecture program in a variety of ways,” says Todd Shoaf, program coordinator, Architectural Technology. “They not only contribute their time to attend student presentations, curriculum meetings and special Forsyth Tech design events, but they also serve as a major conduit and connection to what’s going on professionally and beyond within the architecture-related community. “We in turn let our committee know what we’re doing academically. Then we discuss how to alter the curriculum as needed to meet new demands from the field.”

An artists 3-d rendering of blueprints turning into a constructionA case in point: During the summer of 2014, a technical advisor to the Architectural Technology program demonstrated to Todd a growing local need for people skilled in the area of 3-D scanning and electronic documentation of existing buildings and built environments for the purpose of renovations, restorations and adaptive reuse.

The result? In the fall of 2015, Forsyth Tech will offer the state’s first “3-D Data Documentation and Visualization” certificate program followed by the introduction of a two-year A.A. degree in the fall of 2016.