Designing Women

Veronica Nielsen and Allison Carithers

When Veronica Nielsen and Allison Carithers met as students in the Interior Design program at Forsyth Tech, they immediately hit it off. Their second year, participating in the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Spaces fundraiser, they discovered a shared passion for taking old, junky items and repurposing them into handcrafted home décor, furniture and jewelry. In 2015 that shared passion led to the opening of their store, Junkies, where they sell their creations. But they don’t just sell their work – they use their creations to help photographers stage shoots and provide decorations for weddings and other events. They also work with traditional interior design clients, most of whom find them through the store. And in what little spare time she has, Veronica is working on her BA in Interior Design at Salem College! If you want to see their work, Junkies is located at 105 Bethania Street in Rural Hall.