Discovering His Tech Talents Early

Obed Cahua

After Obed Cahua graduated from high school, he decided to pursue a degree from a technical college.  Cahua is autistic and learns differently than his classmates.  Taking advantage of the educational options at Forsyth Tech, Cahua explained, “I really appreciated my school counselor who took time to share with me how I could take courses without getting burned out.” Cahua made the best choices to fit his learning style.

During Forsyth Tech’s Community Computer Clean-Up Day, Cahua worked in an area that comes naturally to him.  He volunteered to help people throughout the community who brought their computers in for the free service.  Cahua is a good listener, extremely patient and enjoys helping others solve problems.  His skills and knowledge of the computers was a valuable resource that day.

Cahua is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and graduated with an IT-Technical Support & Services A+ Certificate and an IT-Technical Support & Services Helpdesk Certificate.  Cahua plans to continue his education and earn an Associates in IT.

Integrity and commitment are the two words that best describe Obed Cahua.