In October of last year the Forsyth Tech Board of Trustees revised the mission statement of the college. The new mission statement is:

The importance of the mission statement cannot be overstated. In the words of Forsyth Tech president Dr. Gary Green, “Our mission statement guides our strategic thinking and plans for the future.”

In discussing the new mission statement, Dr. Green made it clear that it in no way indicates a change in direction or philosophy for the school. Rather, it is simply a way of clarifying what the college has always done. “The mission still embraces the comprehensive community college concept,” Dr. Green said. “It is inclusive of all the ways students – in the broad sense of the learners we serve – come to Forsyth Tech and of all of the paths they take to their careers.”

As a result of this new mission statement the college has also changed some of the ways it talks about itself in marketing and advertising materials. A new tagline – Education For

Life – was developed and is now being used. The goal of the tagline is to let people know that Forsyth Tech offers education that will benefit them and make their lives better. It also conveys the idea that Forsyth Tech offers educational opportunities for people at virtually every stage of life.

A new marketing campaign has also been launched that features real people and testimonials. The campaign seeks to make the college more attractive to those seeking higher education by presenting relatable messages and people. The campaign has launched with direct mail, print and outdoor advertising, as shown here.