Excitement Animated!

animations created by students

Forsyth Tech’s award-winning Digital Effects & Animation (DEA) program has another feather to add to its creative cap. The program has been named a Toon Boom Centre of Excellence, the first U.S. community college to receive this designation.

Toon Boom is a Canadian company specializing in animation and storyboarding software, whose clients include Fox, Disney and the Cartoon Network. It recognizes postsecondary institutions that are “powerful incubators” for preparing graduates for jobs in the animation, film and media arts industries.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as the first community college in America to be a Toon Boom Centre of Excellence,” says Herb Burns, department chair Design Technologies, program coordinator Digital Effects & Animation, and coordinator International Partnerships. “This is a real testament to the great animated works created by our students and the quality of our faculty,” he adds. “It will open many more new job opportunities in the animation industry for our graduates.”