Faculty Spotlight

Potrait Image of Warrent Hodges

Faculty Spotlight – Warren Hodges

Department Chair, Paralegal Technology

Warren Hodges’ commitment and care for students goes beyond the classroom.  This care was exemplified in spring 2019, when he learned that a student’s mother was terminally ill and would not make it to her May graduation.  Warren worked tirelessly with colleagues across the campus to organize a personal commencement ceremony (complete with cap, gown, and program book) within three days so the mother could witness her daughter’s “graduation” in February.  Warren strives to make a connection with each Paralegal student to help them achieve their goals.  He takes an active role in maintaining up-to-date and relevant curriculum and engages advisory board members by hosting a workforce panel each year that provides an opportunity for students to speak directly with paralegal professionals, many who are former students.  Warren also serves as chair on the North Carolina State Bar Paralegal Certification Board, and encourages students to complete the North Carolina Certified Paralegal exam to enhance their employability in the workforce.

“Teaching paralegal students has always been a pleasure. I am proud to share the knowledge from many years of law practice to jump start the careers of our new paralegals. Brianna Riazzi was one of those paralegal students who, along with her family, deserved the best Forsyth Tech could offer and this small celebration was simply a part of that delivery. Key to our success that day were Bill Green of the Foundation and his staff, Brianna’s accounting instructor, Philip Slater, and others who provided a small gesture that made a difference in one family’s journey,” Warren said.

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