Important Dates for Fall

  • Tuesday, August 11 – Virtual Centralized Registration for Fall 2020: 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
    If you still need to register for Fall classes, Sign up now at the Event Portal or call 336-734-7195 on August 11.
    Make sure you’ve applied, confirmed how you will pay for classes and course materials, and created your Techlink account!
  • Wednesday, August 12 by Noon – Fall 2020 Payment Deadline
  • Monday, August 17 – First day of Fall 2020 classes
  • Monday & Tuesday, August 17 & 18 – Virtual Drop/Add Registration for Fall 2020: 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
    Students may call in that day to be registered remotely using 336-734-7195.

Course Offering Instructions

Please review the course offerings for fall at the Course Schedule icon on Forsyth Tech’s website, and note the Delivery column. The delivery methods listed are current and accurate to how each course will be offered for fall. To help you navigate the course schedule, there is a short video at the top of the Course Schedule. Additionally, the Asynchronous vs Synchronous PDF guide is an excellent resource for how to understand and succeed in courses that have an internet component.

Keep in mind that while these class delivery options comply with the latest guidelines from Governor Cooper, there is still the potential for adjustments should there are tighter restrictions due to COVID-19. If courses are adjusted in the future, the delivery methods will be updated and a communication will be sent to your student email account.

The four course delivery methods you will see are:

  • On campus(This means the course will happen face-to-face at the campus location that is listed in the Location column)
  • Internet – Synchronous(This means that although you will be learning from a distance, you will virtually attend class at the same time as your instructor and classmates during the exact times shown in the Days and Times columns)
  • Internet – Asynchronous(This means that you don’t always need to be online at the same time as your instructor or classmates. A great benefit to asynchronous online courses is the time flexibility.)
  • On campus with an internet component(This means that you will meet face-to-face at the campus location that is listed in the Location column during the exact times that are listed in the Days and Times However, a portion of the course will also happen using the Internet – Asynchronous delivery method.)

As an additional safety measure for students, almost all On Campus classes will end by Thanksgiving 2020 with the remainder of the course being completed via one of the Internet delivery methods until the semester ends on December 9. The exception to this will be with some clinical and in-person labs which may continue into early December.

Students receiving Veterans’ benefits: If your course delivery methods have changed, please check with Paige Lee or call 336-734-7403 to guarantee that your classes will be covered by the GI bill.

For more information about campus changes and for how to request support during COVID-19, visit our Health Alerts page which has been updated with the latest details. If you have any questions related COVID-19, please contact