Where do I go to purchase textbooks and supplies?

Textbooks and other materials can be purchased through our online bookstore or at the following locations:

  • 2100 Silas Creek Parkway | Winston – Salem, NC 27103
    • Main Campus Bookstore: 1st floor of Technology Building
      • Store hours vary and are subject to change based on holidays and school closings. Please refer to the bookstore website for the most updated information.
      • Main Line: 336.734.7100 | Textbook Department: 336.734.7347
      • Largest selection of books, supplies, electronics, technology, school spirit gear, and convenience items.
    • Robert L. Strickland Center Bookstore
      • Store hours vary and are subject to change based on holidays and school closings. Please refer to the bookstore website for the most updated information.
      • 336.734.7884
      • Carries all books for classes taught at the Robert L. Strickland Center and Bob Greene Hall. Also carries a limited selection of supplies, electronics, technology, school spirit gear and convenience items.


How do I save time when purchasing books?

Online Ordering

  • Any student can place an online order through the campus bookstore!
  • Head over to our online bookstore
  • Click on the “Textbooks” header at the top of the page and select “Find Textbooks
  • Select the campus where you would like to pick up your textbooks.
  • Enter your course schedule into the dropdown boxes.
    • *Hint* – You can type in the boxes to quickly select your course information, but be sure to click on the option the drop down box provides, otherwise your information may not populate.
  • Click on the “Find Materials” button.
  • This will take you to the page where all the books that you need are listed!
    • *Hint* – Make sure to read the notes and see if each books is required or just recommended.
  • Select your purchase option and click “Add to Cart
    • *Hint* – Not all books are available used, rentable or as an e-book. It depends on the content your instructor choose and if the books are packaged with other items.
  • Be sure to add any school supplies, laptops, electronics or other books to your cart, then click on the cart icon to proceed to payment.
  • Click on “Check Out” Check out as normal like any other online store.
  • If you are using Financial Aid please enter your student ID number and be aware that there are restrictions on when we can process Financial Aid orders. Your order may be placed on hold until we can process it, but do not fear! We will process your order before classes start.



Where do I go to sell back books at the end of the semester?

To sell your books back your must have a physical student ID and you must bring your books to the Main Campus bookstore. Due to the ever-changing pricing of books we cannot give pricing information over the phone, or guarantee quotes.

How do I use Financial Aid at the bookstore?

Students may use Financial Aid during purchasing times designated by the Financial Aid department, typically 1 week before and 2 weeks after classes. Students MUST have a student ID with them at the time of purchase as well as a copy of their schedule.

What can I purchase with Financial Aid?

Students can purchase anything that is sold in the bookstore with financial aid except for gift cards. The bookstore carries, school supplies, electronics, laptops, convenience items, school spirit clothing and of course books!

How can I rent a book? Can I use Financial Aid?

To rent a textbooks students simply bring a rentable title to the cash register and inform the cashier they are interested in renting the book. You can use financial aid to purchase a rentable title, however every student is required to place a credit or debit card on file. The card does not get charged unless a student does not return the title at the end of the semester.

Can I write and highlight in a rental book?

Absolutely! Use the books as you would any other. We just ask that you please do not let your little sister use it as a coloring book, your dog use it as a chew toy, or that there is any excessive water or smoke damage.

I need the pricing of my books should I call the store?

No! During the beginning and end of a semester our phones lines become very busy. If you need information on a book for class your first stop should be our website. This tells you book information like author, title and ISBN as well as giving you every pricing option.

What is Price Matching?

We price match with Amazon.com, B&N.com and Local bookstores like Textbook Brokers. We do not price match to the Amazon or B&N marketplace i.e. third party sellers. The books must have the same exact ISBN number, must be in stock at the time of purchase, and be shipped and sold by either Amazon.com or B&N.com.

Can I return electronics?

Electronics can only be returns if they are unopened and with a receipt! If you have any damaged product you must call the manufacturer for a resolution.

Why shop at the campus store?

We guarantee to sell you what your instructor asked us to carry. If we get something wrong we are happy to return it and make sure you get the correct material. We are the only store authorized to process your financial aid! No need to give us collateral or stop by in the middle of the semester after you receive your refund. You can place an online order, forget about it and pick up your books on the first day of class! No need to wait in long lines or worry about getting your books in time.