Welcome to SOAR Orientation

Success through Orientation, Advising and Registration

Thank you for choosing Forsyth Tech!

If you have completed the admissions process and been accepted, then SOAR Orientation is your next step to getting enrolled! At SOAR you will learn more about Forsyth Tech, speak with an Academic Advisor, and register yourself for classes.

Registering to start your classes in Fall 2019:

The following steps are for students wishing to begin in the summer semester. If you have applied to begin in fall, please wait to follow the steps until May 3rd or later.

Registering to start your classes in Summer 2019:

Please take a few moments to go through steps below to start the SOAR process. At the end you will be able to choose from the available sessions and reserve a seat for the orientation of your choice. We will send a confirmation email to your student email account within 2 business days of completing the reservation.

Steps to take for SOAR:


  • Degree-seeking students:
    • If you are a new student who has never attended classes at Forsyth Tech, and if you applied into any of our degree programs, you must complete an in-person SOAR session. This includes the presentation/information session, meeting with an advisor, and registering for classes.
    • We require SOAR for all degree-seeking students who are new to us, even if you have a degree from another college.
  • Special Credit students:
    • If you are a Special Credit student who just intends to take 1-2 classes with us but not complete a degree, please refer back to our admissions page for instructions on enrolling for classes. Special Credit students are not provided with an advisor and are therefore not required to attend SOAR.
    • If you are not sure of your status, please contact us at soar@forsythtech.edu for clarification.
    • If you applied to be a degree-seeking student but you really want to be special credit, please contact our Admissions office at admissions@forsythtech.edu to find out how to update your program to Special Credit. Keep in mind that Special Credit students are not eligible for Financial Aid.
  • You are a Returning student if you have completed a class at Forsyth Tech. If you have missed 2 or more (fall/spring) semesters with us, you will need to reapply to the College but you will still be considered a returning student for SOAR purposes.
  • If you are a returning, degree-seeking student you have the option to attend the presentation portion of SOAR. This is a great idea if it has been a long time since you have taken a class with us, or if you feel like you want more of an orientation to campus.
    • If you are a returning student who wishes to attend the presentation then please select “New Student” below when you answer the questions.
  • Many returning students already know how to succeed at Forsyth Tech. For these students, we offer the opportunity to come to SOAR for the advising/registration portions of the session only.
    • If you are a returning student and you prefer to only attend the advising/registration portion of the session, please select “Returning Student” below when you answer the questions.
  • Some returning students do not need to meet with an advisor, and they remember how to register themselves for classes. If this sounds like you, then please email SOAR@forsythtech.edu to request registration priority (the ability to register for classes) rather than sign up for a SOAR session. You do not need to answer the questions below. This only applies to a handful of students, so please do not skip SOAR if you are not 100% confident that you know which classes to take to achieve your goals.

If you plan on paying for classes and are not applying for financial aid, note that payment plans are available in fall and spring semesters. Be sure to ask your orientation leader or advisor about the payment options available to you during your orientation session.

If you have not applied for financial aid but intend to do so, please note that it typically takes 6-8 weeks to process an award. You can complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/. If you have completed your application, but have not heard back from Forsyth Tech’s financial aid office, please contact them at (336) 734-7235 to determine your next steps in the application process. If you have not received an award letter yet, be aware that you are required to pay your tuition by the payment deadline.

Please verify the information is correct before clicking the Submit button.