Charles Samuels: Good Morning Shanta, and Happy Thanksgiving to you.  I especially wanted to take time on the day of thanks to extend my gratitude, and gratefulness for the blessings I received from yourself and staff. I am eternally grateful to have received the blessings that you all provided for family. Without Forsyth Tech Cares and the wonderful people at the Student Success Center, the holidays would have been a little dark, but with the assistance from you all with God leading the way, my son will now have food on the table with gifts under the tree. I cannot thank you all enough for what you have done for my son and me. Thank You Thank You Thank You so much. I was so embarrassed to ask for help, but when I arrived on campus I was greeted with smiles and open arms from everyone and all my fear and embarrassments went away immediately. I Thank God for this wonderful gift and I thank God for putting you all in place to make it happen.

Desiree Sherril: “The Forsyth Tech Cares Office has truly been great help to me when I needed them most and did not know who else to turn. During this Covid19 Pandemic, I found myself without a job. I had to turn to a temporary staffing agency to continue employment just so I could continue to make provisions for my household. I am a single parent and don’t really have a support network that I can lean on. This time was a little different. I was stressed and worried about how I was going to keep my power and water on. Unfortunately, I was working for about 20% less of the income that I was used to, and it was not enough to cover just the essential bills. I heard about Forsyth Cares and decided to submit an application for assistance. I was able to get the help I needed from Forsyth Cares, that allowed me to pay my power bill. This was such a great relief of stress that I had been carrying around. I would like to say a great big Thank You for being there when I needed you the most.”

Porsha C.: Hello, my name is Porsha I want to write a testimonial about the help I received from Forsyth Tech Cares. They have been so helpful with me during this pandemic. I really appreciate you guys for everything you did for me when I couldn’t provide at that time. You guys were a Godsend. I appreciate the sources you all provided and having this program to help people in need such like myself. Thank you so much again.