Forsyth Tech, Lifesaver

Donna Farrar

After getting laid off in 2009, Donna Farrar came to Forsyth Tech looking for a new start. Thanks to hard work, perseverance and the support of folks like Sherraine McLean, director of the Shugart Women’s Center and now Donna’s good friend, Donna earned AAS degrees in both Paralegal and Criminal Justice Technology. She’s now enrolled online at Gardner-Webb University working on her BS degree in Criminal Justice and is working full time in the Forsyth Tech department of student activities. An ex-offender and former addict, clean since 2001, Donna says her goal is to help those who have faced the same struggles she has. She knows they can turn their lives around because she’s done it herself. “I never thought I’d go as far as I have,” she says. “But Forsyth Tech was my lifesaver. Education is the tool that can open the door to a better life, and whoever you want to be, that’s who you can be at Forsyth Tech.”