Update your skills to learn the most current trends in resumes and job applications

Winston Salem, North Carolina — Job seekers now have a free service at the King Public Library to help clients update their job search skills.Forsyth Technical Community College, in partnership with the King Library, offers services comprised of the following: writing resumes and cover letters, assistance in completing on-line applications, learning interview techniques, setting-up emails, filing unemployment and acquiring tips on looking for job listings.

Whether you have a few years of high school or a college degree, or perhaps you want to get back in the workforce or desire a better job, instructors from Forsyth Tech, Cinda Amen and Lynn Owens will meet you where you are in your education and work experience and build on the strengths you possess. The resume and the application process have changed within the last five years and instructors share with clients the most current trends in the job search process.

“In the past, 98 percent of clients would walk in the door in panic mode. We always have a listening ear whether they either just lost a job, or have bills to pay and a family to support.” said Owens. “We share our own journey of being jobless and provide assurance they can find a job.”

On average, Owens said, it takes approximately one hour to create the basic resume. As clients continue to apply to different positions, the job description should be carefully read and their resume revised to reflect how their abilities would match the required skills of the position. Our job listings are obtained through a variety of sources that cast a wide net and as well as local job fairs. Once a week they receive postings from companies that will hire persons that are former offenders.

Hear from one of Owens satisfied clients, Jason Geras who said, “Right out of college, I had a great job in sales for about 10 years. Then I lost my job and could not seem to find another job at the same income level. I was working in fast food restaurants and working any job to make ends meet because I thought I had no choice. One day, without my own computer, I was doing research at the King Library and ran across Lynn Owens. She literally changed my whole life! She always had time for me, helping me write my resume and maximizing how I should answer questions on job applications. It took some time, but Lynn was selfless and helped me be persistent taking one step at a time to reach my goal. I never would have gotten this job without her help. As a single dad, this was really big for me so that I can provide extra things for my daughter. I’m now working in sales again and love what I’m doing.”

This service is offered free of charge and is on a first-come, first served basis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is located at the King Library, 101 Pilot View Drive, King, NC. When our area is not open the library provides free Wi-fi and free internet use.


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