Success Stories

We receive numerous thank-you letters each year from our students expressing their gratitude for the generous donations of individual donors and organizations that make their education possible. Below are just a few stories of how your dollars make a difference in the lives of students.

Krystal Wagner

Catherine L. Kiser Marshall Scholarship

“My mother was a single parent of four children and with her having to stop working, it made it extremely difficult for her to take care of us. My family has never been able to afford to go to college, but thanks to your kindness and generosity in providing scholarships to students like myself, I am the first (and youngest) of four children to attend college. A fourth semester student in the Associate Degree Nursing

Program, I will graduate in May.”

Matthew Hodges

Modern Machine Scholarship

“Three years ago the company I worked for downsized, leaving me with a position that was incompatible with my family obligations. With no other choice, I had to resign. That brought me to Forsyth Tech to pursue a career in Welding Robotics Technology. Because of the scholarship I received, my training at Forsyth Tech is providing me with a skill set that many local employers need while developing my work ethic and leadership experience.”

Nohemi Arellanes

Christoph Nostitz Endowed Scholarship

“As a full-time student and young mother, I face many challenges every day. There are some days when I wonder if I am really making the best choices for me and my family. When this happens, it is a genuine comfort to be reminded that there are still people who are willing to help others who are in need. Receiving this scholarship has renewed my motivation for academic success and has given me a much needed boost in strength to continue to work hard.”


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