Gift Planning

Like all dynamic educational institutions, Forsyth Tech’s primary focus is to remain on the cutting edge of the latest in instructional technology and workforce training. We know that as technology costs rise and federal funds decrease it becomes a challenge to ensure future generations of students have the same high standard education.

Remembering the Foundation in your estate and gift planning provides the cornerstone for a stronger, more secure future for the College.

Contact Bill Green, Executive Director, with questions or for more information at 336.734.7520 or

We are here for any questions you have concerning how your gift can be put to the greatest use. We are happy to work with your financial advisor or attorney if you wish.

Gifts of Stocks or Securities

Gifts of stocks or securities support the College and give tax benefits to the donor. Speak with your financial advisor to learn more about the tax implications of your gift.

  • Electronic Transfer
    Electronic Transfer is the easiest way to transfer securities and stocks to Forsyth Tech. Please ask your broker to note your name on the transaction so we may recognize and record your gift appropriately.

    The Forsyth Tech Foundation’s tax ID number is 56-1070364. For our current electronic transfer information and account number, please contact Bill Green at The Foundation, by phone at 336.734.7520 or by email at


An outright bequest in your will to the Forsyth Tech Foundation can be a specified amount or a certain percentage after other specific bequests are fulfilled.

Bequest Intention Form

The bequest intention form helps us ensure your gift will be used in a way to best honor your wishes. It also informs us of your legacy gift so we may include you in The Foundation Circle, our legacy society.

The Foundation Circle

Donors, who inform us of their intentions to include the Forsyth Tech Foundation in their estates, or those that have gifted significant assets, insurance policy, securities, charitable trusts or real property, qualify to be a member of our legacy society, The Foundation Circle. In addition to honoring the planned gift donor, benefits of circle membership includes invitations to events and special gatherings.

Beneficiary Designation

Making the Forsyth Tech Foundation one of the beneficiaries or owner of a life insurance policy, IRA or retirement account is a way to make a large gift to the college without putting a burden on your present financial obligations. You can include Forsyth Tech as a partial beneficiary.

Charitable Trusts

For those with larger and varied estates, a charitable trust can be a useful tool in estate planning. You can create a Charitable Trust with cash, stock, or other assets, making a significant gift to Forsyth Tech, while also reducing the tax burden to your estate.

Real Estate

A Life Estate is an arrangement where the donor deeds the property to the Foundation, but continues to live there their death. Many donors appreciate the tax benefits and the simplicity of making gifts of real estate to The Foundation, rather than managing or selling the property themselves.

You may prefer to donate real property with the understanding that the Foundation will sell it at the earliest logical opportunity and use the proceeds to establish an endowed fund. Either way, a gift of real estate provides numerous benefits to the college and the donor.

Marketable Assets

Gifts such as a notable piece of art, antiques, rare book collections and historical artifacts are welcome, but must be approved by the Forsyth Tech Foundation Executive Director and the Board of Directors Investment Committee. Any gift of marketable value must be appraised at the donor’s expense. Many such gifts may be of instructional value, rather than market value; and have different tax implications for the donor.