Have you ever had that ‘gut feeling?’ Why this CMA proves you should listen to your intuition.

kendall Moser

Kendall Moser, a certified medical assistant (CMA) at Novant Health Cancer Institute Hematology – Forsyth, proves that following your intuition can not only be remarkable, it can save someone’s life.

Kendall first became connected with Novant Health in 2018 as a student from Forsyth Tech during her final clinical rotation. Kendall fell in love with oncology, and there luckily was an opening for a CMA to join the newly opened Hematology clinic. It was a match made in heaven.

One afternoon, patient who often visited the clinic was late. Because Kendall takes time to get know her patients, she quickly recognized this was not normal behavior. She tried to reach the patient on the phone, but she was unsuccessful. She also called the patient’s daughter, who lives out of town, to see if she knew where she may be. The daughter called her mother several times and became concerned when all the calls went unanswered. The daughter then called a family member who lived nearby and asked that they go check on her mom at home. The family member found the patient unresponsive and called EMS. The patient had a blood sugar in the low 30s and was taken to the hospital. The patient has now recovered and is doing well.

The compassion and care exemplified by Kendall should inspire us all. Her actions demonstrate our priorities to know and care for our patients. By simply taking the time to care about her patient, knowing her well enough to recognize what was out of the ordinary and going above and beyond to reach her family, Kendall may have saved a life. We celebrate Kendall’s remarkable work of going above the call of duty.

Contributed by the Novant Health Medical Group News, November 11, 2020.