Holocaust Survivors Share Their Stories

Irene Skolnick

In December, Forsyth Tech hosted presentations by two Holocaust survivors – Irene Skolnick from Pittsburgh, Pa., and Hank Brodt from High Point, N.C. Hundreds of people turned out to hear their inspiring stories. Both events were made possible through the generous support of Guy Blynn, who established The Blynn Holocaust Collection at Forsyth Tech’s Library on Main Campus.

As part of her remarks, Ms. Skolnick gave a brief history of the Jews in Poland, and described how Poland had at one point been partitioned between Germany and the Soviet Union. She recounted her family’s daring and courage to survive by posing as Catholic Poles and living less than a mile from Majdanek, the second largest Nazi concentration camp in German-occupied Poland.

Hank BrodtMr. Brodt, whose family was also from Poland, is a survivor, too. As a teenager, he lived through numerous roundups and the horrors of five concentration camps. He recalled crippling hunger and rampant disease for which there was no medicine. He lost his entire family during the Holocaust.

The voices of Holocaust survivors are becoming fewer. Ms. Skolnick, now 77, and Mr. Brodt, 89, continue to share their stories so the world will not forget.

Guy M. Blynn

May 26, 1945 – December 17, 2014

Guy BlynnGuy Blynn was a good friend and strong supporter of Forsyth Tech.

He established The Blynn Holocaust Collection at the college, a repository of materials in the Main Campus Library intended to help raise awareness of the Holocaust and its consequences. Over the years, Mr. Blynn arranged for Holocaust survivors to speak at Forsyth Tech, most recently in December, as a reminder of why the world must work to prevent such atrocities from ever happening again. Mr. Blynn’s legacy lies in his commitment to activism and social justice on behalf of the persecuted. We extend our deep sympathies to his family.