It’s a Win-Win: Student Government Association Enriches Students and Campus Life

Students at the Chinese Moon Festival

Student Government Associations for both Forsyth Tech and Forsyth Tech Stokes County Center offer events and celebrations throughout the year for students to meet others and have fun! Both associations also teach leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills.


Forsyth County SGA

By Ajah Harold, a Forsyth Tech Fine Arts student scheduled to graduate in May 2019

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Forsyth Tech represents the student body, and all members have a say in student-related activities. They help plan events and workshops, attend conferences and seminars, work on student publications, and gain

leadership experience—all while helping to bring campus life to a community college. Special events, such as the Fall Festival, Constitution Day, Spring Fling, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, and blood drives are all sponsored by the SGA. And the members themselves benefit, too. “Personally, it has helped me grow more confident in my ability to lead a team and gets me prepared for what situations I could be placed in after graduation,” said Mallory Calfee, SGA president 2018-2019. “Furthermore, the leadership workshops and conferences have given me skills that will put me one step ahead when I go into the workforce.” Calfee said she’s also made lasting friendships since joining the SGA. “Some of the friendships I have made while being involved with the SGA I know will last for many years to come,” Calfee said. “Deciding to join the Student Government Association at Forsyth Tech is one of the best decisions I have made during my time here.”


Stokes County SGA

Each of the eight Forsyth Tech satellite campuses has their own distinct features. One of them—the Forsyth Tech Stokes County Center—has its own Student Government Association (SGA) and is the only other campus besides the main campus to offer the organization. Through the SGA, students develop critical leadership skills by learning everything from parliamentary procedures to public speaking skills. The SGA equips them with the tools they need to lead confidently, communicate effectively, and serve the community. Jack Johnson and Spencer Edwards, both juniors in the Early College program, are co-leads of the Stokes SGA. Johnson is the Stokes Center representative on the Forsyth Tech SGA and is also is running for the state community college SGA board. Both Johnson and Edwards are grateful for the opportunities they’ve been given through their involvement with the SGA. “Working with the SGA is rewarding for me to learn leadership skills and to do my part in bringing students and faculty together,” Johnson said. “It’s a great outlet to get involved with other students and build student morale.” Edwards has been involved with the SGA for two years. His involvement has allowed him to take the lead in meetings and events and gain insight through valuable experiences he may not have had otherwise, including working with other students to plan and execute events like Fall Fest. “I’ve been exposed to opportunities that I don’t believe I would have been able to receive otherwise, such as conducting business meetings, and other various tasks,” Edwards said. “I was tasked with coordinating with the high school for [Fall Fest], which really helped me work on my communication skills.” Satellite campuses like the Stokes County Center are small enough to foster relationships between instructors, students, and their families, and ultimately serve the Stokes County community as a whole. “Being part of the Stokes community, we are small enough to know the students’ families, and they know the instructors,” said Sally Elliott, director of operations at the Forsyth Tech Stokes County Center. “As faculty and staff, we’re here to serve students. And in doing so, we serve the whole community.”