Kevin Lipford: Getting IT Done

Kevin Lipford

Kevin Lipford wanted options, so he graduated from Forsyth Tech in 2009 with not one degree but two: an Associate of Applied Science in Networking Technologies and an AAS in Information Systems Security. “Going into the job market,” he explains, “I wanted to be able to cover two very big and growing industries.”

His strategy paid off. Today Kevin is an information technology technician at WFMY News 2 in Greensboro, N.C., where, he says, he works on anything that has to do with information technology.

It’s a job that allows him to use everything he learned at Forsyth Tech, which he credits with much of his success. “At Forsyth Tech they really strive to work one-on-one with you to get to the level of confidence that you need in today’s workplace,” he says. “The instructors equip you with the most up-to-date technology available so you can really excel. It was a hands-on experience that I don’t feel I could have gotten anywhere else.”

One instructor who stood out was Nancy Miller, who teaches Networking Technologies. “She helped me a lot,” Kevin says. “She was always there and readily available to help.” That level of access was an aspect of the college that stood out to Kevin.

Kevin grew up in Georgia and attended a four-year school there for one year after high school. When his family moved to Winston-Salem, he considered his options, and Forsyth Tech made the most sense. “Why go to a big four-year school when I can go somewhere that’s more convenient and a lot less expensive and still get a quality education?” After completing his two AAS degrees at Forsyth Tech, Kevin did return to a four-year school, earning a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at East Carolina University.

Now Kevin is enjoying his job at WFMY. “I like the field of broadcasting,” he says. “It’s something that really excites me. I feel very fortunate to have the job that I have.” He’s also thinking about the future. WFMY is owned by Gannett, one of the nation’s largest media companies with TV stations across the country. “I want to go up the corporate ladder and be a manager of technology for a station or move into the corporate level and be a senior IT analyst for Gannett as a whole,” Kevin says. “I can really see myself offering my skills to help a lot of other stations.” And he credits those skills to the education he received at Forsyth Tech. “Forsyth Tech really benefited me a lot. They gave me the education I needed.”