Message from President Spriggs: Mount Tabor High School

Dear Forsyth Tech Family,

This morning, parents across our community, state, and even country hugged their children a little tighter before sending them to school. I am grief-stricken over the horrific and senseless school shooting that occurred yesterday at Mount Tabor High School. Mount Tabor is a close partner with Forsyth Tech – they are a part of our family.

And when one member of our family hurts, we all hurt.

So, we will stand in solidarity with Mount Tabor and our community to remember and honor the life of William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr.

I know there were students, faculty, and staff here yesterday who had children in school going through this traumatic time, and I cannot even begin to imagine the fear and anguish you are still experiencing. My heart is with you.

We see things like this happening in faraway cities and states, but the sting sears deeply when it occurs in our town — to our very neighbors. We understand that this will rock our community for a long time to come and that processing this experience will look different for everyone. I want you to know that we are here for you, and we urge you to please reach out for care and support by connecting with our counseling service.

You can access this by calling our counseling team at 336.734.7280 or emailing at Employees, please feel free to use our Employee Assistance Program. Our amazing Human Resources team has posted great resources for employees and parents on Techlink. Also, our Counseling Services team has shared two articles that I have included below that we welcome you to read if beneficial to you.

Our community is strong, and we are full of hope. Do not be afraid to lean on one another as you continue to weather this heartbreaking storm. Our compassion, care, and willingness to band together is truly what sets us apart here in Winston-Salem. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by this violence. #SpartanStrong

Dr. Janet Spriggs

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