October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Join us in creating a culture of #cybersecurity:

Week 1

Week of October 5 (Week 1): If You Connect It, Protect It

If you Connect It, Protect It

The focus of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s first week is “If you Connect It, Protect It.” This emphasizes the potential vulnerability of all Internet-connected devices.

Cybersecurity starts with YOU and is everyone’s responsibility. There are currently an estimated 4.8 billion Internet users—over 62% of the world’s population!4 This number will only grow, making the need to “Protect It” more important than ever.

#BeCyberSmart #Cybersecurity #NCSAM2020

Week 2

Week of October 12 (Week 2): Securing Devices at Home and Work

Do your part

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s second week focuses on steps individuals and organizations can take to secure Internet-connected devices for personal and professional use.

This year has seen major disruptions in the way we work, learn, and socialize, driving many of these activities online. With our homes, schools, and business more connected than ever, it’s vital to “Protect It” and #BeCyberSmart.

#Cybersecurity #NCSAM2020

Week 3

Week of October 19 (Week 3): Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

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The healthcare industry relies increasingly on Internet-connected devices and solutions to improve patient care, organizational efficiency, speed of crisis response, and much more.The emergence of telemedicine, digital health records, online medical devices, patient wellness apps, and an increasing amount of third parties entering the health supply chain has created many benefits. However, it has also exposed the industry to vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.

The third week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month delves into the healthcare industry, exploring the vulnerabilities of Internet-connected healthcare devices, and what steps users can take to Protect It and do their part and #BeCyberSmart.

#Cybersecurity #NCSAM2020

Week 4

Week of October 26 (Week 4): The Future of Connected Devices

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The final week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month examines the future of Internet-connected devices. NCSAM Week 4 will explore how technological innovations, such as 5G, might impact consumers’ and businesses’ online experiences (e.g. faster speeds and data transmission, and larger attack surfaces for cybercriminals).

We will also examine how people and infrastructure can adapt to the continuous evolution of Internet-connected devices moving forward. It is not only necessary to safeguard our personal devices, but all the devices we interact with. No matter what the future brings, everyone needs to be to do their part and #BeCyberSmart to ensure the safety of cyberspace.

#Cybersecurity #NCSAM2020