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What is Navigate?

Navigate is a student success application that guides students from orientation to graduation. It helps them explore programs, navigate requirements from financial aid to course registration, and stay on top of important dates and deadlines. Navigate seamlessly connects the classroom to advising appointments, tutoring sessions, and emergency funding that can make all the difference to students experiencing the upheaval and uncertainty of COVID-19.

Navigate also offers faculty, advisors, and administrators comprehensive information about a student to support their success.

How will this improve the student experience?

With your support, these are some of the benefits students will experience:

  • Deadlines: From attending orientation to preparing for finals, there’s a clear timeline of what tasks students need to complete.
  • Support services: A clear list of campus resources, from academic advising to financial aid, refers students to their designated support network. Students can make appointments, and sync them with their calendar.
  • Resources: Navigate assists students in engaging academic, social and cultural opportunities.

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Note: Employees have been assigned different roles in Navigate based on what will best support the jobs you each do at the College. Not all functions and searches will be available to every employee.

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