One Thing Leads To Another

A nurse attending to a patient

The path to success doesn’t always follow a straight line. Sometimes you have to take a detour or stop at a crossroads. At least that’s been Kati Maas’ experience.

Fresh out of high school in 2007, Kati knew she wanted to work in healthcare. She just wasn’t sure which career to choose. After applying to a few different programs, she was accepted into nursing at another college and Forsyth Tech’s program for radiology technologists. She decided to go with radiology.

“I really liked studying radiology. It was a good program,” she recalls. “But it exposed us to other career options within the field, and I became really interested in sonography at that point,” she says. “With sonography, you’re in the room with the patient and spend more time – up to 20 or 30 minutes – one-on-one. You take images but also evaluate abnormal versus normal pathology and write up your findings,” she explains. The findings and images are sent to the radiologist to help with diagnosis.

During her second year, she applied to pursue a second AAS degree in ultrasound technology once she finished her radiology program. With the help of a sympathetic supervisor who was flexible about her hours, Kati worked full time as a radiologic tech at the VA Medical Center in Salisbury while she pursued the ultrasound program. “I worked the second shift, so I could take classes during the day,” she recalls.

Now a full-time ultrasound technologist at an imaging center in Winston-Salem, Kati couldn’t be happier. She knows she made the right choice, and radiology led her there.