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Pam Stovall-Lee, Professor, IT Support and Services

Professor Pam Stovall-Lee cares deeply about student success at Forsyth Technical Community College and invests her time to mentor students along their education path. She has served as the advisor for the Student Association of Information Technology Professionals. As a faculty advisor, Stovall-Lee worked to provide interesting and engaging learning activities for students such as a field trip to Citrix, Inc. in Raleigh. As part of the activity, students spoke with the CIO, toured the data center and learned the importance of creating a professional digital profile presence on sites such as LinkedIn. Stovall-Lee utilized this experience to continue to improve the curriculum through adding a unit on setting up effective LinkedIn profiles within the introductory computer business course. This will benefit future students in their careers.

“I enjoy seeing my students out in the community and hearing about their successes,” said Stovall-Lee. “In addition, being a faculty advisor affords me the opportunity to engage in more of a mentoring role and part of their everyday lives. They give as much to me as I give to them.”

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