Proving People Wrong

Crystal Driver

Crystal Driver

“I’ve been proving people wrong from day one,” Crystal Driver said. And she’s still not through proving herself yet.

Driver graduated from Forsyth Tech in December 2018, with her associate degree in nursing, and walked at commencement in May 2019. She is a registered nurse on the Neurosurgery unit at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and is more than a nurse for her patients. She’s one of them. Nine years ago, Driver was also a patient on the same floor and her cheerful outlook is an inspiration to both patients and families.

During her sophomore year at Forbush High School in East Bend, in December 2009, Driver was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As a cheerleader, she requested to postpone her surgery until after the national cheerleading competition was over. She cheered and the squad won the National Cheerleading Competition in Myrtle Beach, S.C.  in March 2010.

Driver had surgery and went on to graduate from Forbush with her senior class in 2012, starting at Forsyth Technical Community College that August. Ignoring people that told her it might be too difficult, Driver, determined to go into nursing, persevered with her dream. Because of all she experienced with her medical issues, she wanted to give back.

Dr. Sarah Hawks, disabilities services counselor, recommended that Driver take one class at time to assure she got straight “A’s” because that would help her get into the nursing program. Driver said if it had not been for the support of Hawks, she didn’t know if she would have finished her program.

In 2014, when she was still working on her prerequisites, she had a set back with intracranial hypertension and needed further surgery. She continued to have medical tests while in school and finished her general requirements. In the summer of 2017, the nursing program gave every student the summer off and she used that time to plan her wedding scheduled for May 2019.

She was accepted into the nursing program and returned to classes in January of 2017. Although Driver continued to have some health struggles, she attended classes every day, even when sick, with the support of fellow students.

Driver passed the nursing boards on her first try and graduated with honors in her last semester. While Driver still needs another surgery, she’s waiting until after commencement and her wedding. She laughs, “I’ve got to have my long hair for my wedding!”

“Nursing school was good for me,” said Driver. “It showed me I was right in believing in myself. You’ve got to have faith and believe it will work out.” For Driver, there’s no stopping her.