Who is required to purchase a parking decal?

  • All staff and faculty will be issued one parking placard that they can move from one vehicle to another. If the placard is lost, a second placard can be purchase for $25.
  • For students the cost of the parking decal is included in the CAP fee. Once a student pays for their tuition, they can then follow the steps below to register their vehicle.
  • All student parking decals and employees parking placards can be picked up at the Forsyth tech Campus Police Department located in the Forsyth Building on main Campus.


How do I get a Parking Decal?

CAPS(College Access, Parking and Security) fee, once paid, will provide you with one (1) parking decal per fiscal year. If you desire to register any additional vehicles, each additional decal will cost $25 paid to the Cashier’s Office/Window.

Student Decal Registration Instructions

**Make sure to have a valid student ID number, phone number and license tag number before you begin the registration process**

  1. Go to Forsyth Tech’s Online Form
  2. Click the drop-down box located in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Select “Students Parking Permit Registration”
  4. Click the button to the right “Write New Online Permit Registration”
    NOTE: If you don’t see the Register For Permit Form, your browser popup blocker may be blocking the form. Read these articles about how to allow pop-ups for https://forsythtechcc.omnigo.one
    Enabling or Blocking Popups in Mozilla Firefox and Enabling or Blocking Popups in Google Chrome
  5. Click permit type and select “Student”
  6. Click Continue at the bottom of the page
  7. Fill out fields on the “Contact Information Page”
  8. Click Continue
  9. Enter Vehicle information
  10. Click Continue to review information
  11. Proceed to finish

Parking Decals should be picked up the Forsyth Tech Campus Police Department located in the Forsyth Building on main Campus. ​


Where do I place my parking decal?

  • Parking decals must be affixed to the outside left rear window or left bumper.
  • Parking decals may not be taped or displayed using any other method of attachment.
  • Faculty/Staff placards are to be displayed by hooking the placard over the rear-view mirror.
  • A vehicle is not considered registered until the parking decal is properly displayed on your vehicle.


What is the Parking Decal Refund Policy?

There are no refunds for parking decals.


Are parking decals transferable to another vehicle?

Parking decals are not transferable If you drive a new or different vehicle permanently or on a regular basis, you will be required to purchase another parking decal.


What if I have to drive a different vehicle?

  • Parking anywhere on campus during hours of operation requires the display of a valid parking decal or temporary parking permit.
  • If you’ve arrived on campus you should stop by the Campus Police Office (Off Campus sites – Security Office) before parking to pick up a free temporary parking permit. This includes both employees and students.
  • What you need to obtain a temporary parking permit: current parking decal that has been registered to your vehicle, valid driver’s license, vehicle plate number and make and model for which the temporary permit is needed.
  • You may also visit the Campus Police page under College Services on Techlink. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the “Temporary Parking Permit” button. Select “Temporary Permit” from the drop-down menu and complete the information requested. Submit a Temporary Parking Permit request now.
    • For your convenience, the permit may be emailed to you upon request, but allow at least 24 hours to accommodate this request; email permit request should be written into the “Notes/Comments:” block at the bottom of the “Review” page before clicking the continue button.
    • You will be required to print and legibly display the temporary permit on the front dash of the vehicle at all times when parking on campus. If for any reason you are not able to print the temporary permit, you must allow time to pick it up from the Campus Police Office before proceeding to park on campus.
  • If you cannot stop by the Campus Police Office before parking, you cannot legally park in a campus lot.


How do I Park Legally?

  • Display a current parking decal or parking permit in the proper location on or in your vehicle.
  • Park in a legal space; Not in reserved, “no parking,” visitors, or along curbs.
  • Obtain prior authorization for special situations.


Where can I park?

All lots on the Main Campus of Forsyth Tech are labeled with signs that are located on poles in each lot.

  • Student lots; student parking lots: C, CC, CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, F, J, M, O, O-1, Q
  • Staff/faculty lots; staff parking lots: A, CC, CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, D, G, HH, K O, O-1, P, R, X, Z
  • The visitor lot; visitor parking lot: B
  • Visitor Parking (Lot B) is for visitors/guests only; Faculty, Staff and Students must park in their authorized/designated spaces for all campus affairs, even when on campus and not in class. Parking in Visitor and Staff lots is permitted after 5:30pm ONLY.
  • Faculty, staff and students are required to park in their designated parking lots even when classes are not in session.
  • For more information, please view the parking map of the Forsyth Tech campus.
  • For further information, please read the Traffic Rules & Ticket Appeal issued with the purchase of your parking decal or download the Traffic Rules & Ticket Appealto view a copy of the campus map.


Where do I go to pay a Forsyth Tech parking ticket?

(Call for payment options.) (Note: extension campuses do not take cash)

Parking fines can be paid at the following locations:

  • Cashier’s Office on Main Campus in the Allman Center on the second floor.  The telephone number is 336.734.7210.
  • Northwest Forsyth Center, first floor, The telephone number is 336.734.7052
  • Grady P. Swisher Center, first floor. The telephone number is 336.734.7903
  • Mazie S. Woodruff Center, first floor, The telephone number is 336.734.7950
  • West Campus Customer Service, 336.734.7023


Where do I go if I want to appeal a Forsyth Tech parking ticket?

  • Please contact Campus Police.  The telephone number is 336.734.7243
  • Parking tickets can be appealed online either on the Forsyth Tech website or TechLink on the Campus Police page.
  • Parking ticket appeal forms (printable) can be found on the Forsyth Tech website or TechLink on the Campus Police section.


Where can I park to load and unload from my vehicle?

  • Although loading/unloading is a legitimate, ongoing need throughout campus, this need is not recognized as an excuse to park in a prohibited or reserved area.
  • If you need to load/unload from an area that is not a parking space (curb) you must contact the Campus Police Office and request permission.


How do I arrange parking for a guest/meeting?

  • Faculty and staff who are scheduling meetings involving off-campus guests and wish to reserve parking should submit a Parking Service Request Form within 48 hours of the scheduled event. This form is located on the campus police section on TechLink.
  • Information needed: date and time of arrival, number of guests or spaces needed, lot requesting and vehicle information if possible.


How do I get prior authorization for special situations?

  • Campus Police understands that there are circumstances that will occasionally require parking in a non-parking area.
  • Campus Police will work with you to accommodate special parking situations. Drivers must receive prior authorization before parking in a non-parking area for any period of time.
  • Authorization is typically provided in the form of a special parking permit, but short-term authorization may also be granted through a phone call to the Campus Police Office at 336.734.7243.


Where can I park my car overnight?

  • Staff and students who leave campus on an overnight trip as either the driver of a fleet vehicle, the passenger in a fleet vehicle, or as a participant in a “road-trip” or other group activity may need to leave a vehicle on campus. Staff may leave their vehicles in staff lots and students may leave their vehicles in student lots.
  • Forsyth Tech and the Campus Police Office assume no responsibility for vehicles left on campus overnight.
  • The driver of a fleet vehicle may park in the parking space of the fleet vehicle they will be driving.
  • Passengers cannot park in the fleet vehicle parking space.


What types of special parking permits are there?

  • Dealer Permit – Is issued only to those individuals who are car dealers and can provide such documentation. Persons who are issued this permit must purchase a current parking decal.
  • Special Parking Permit – Is required to park in designated parking areas/lots usually not authorized by a person’s parking decal. These permits are only issued to those who have documentedspecial needs. Examples: medical conditions, domestic violence, etc. Special parking permits do not authorize or allow individuals to park in handicapped spaces or violate any other traffic rule or regulation.
  • Temporary Parking Permit (Staff and Students) – Is required to park on campus if you have to drive a different vehicle other than the vehicle you have registered with the Forsyth Tech Campus Police Office. Parking anywhere on campus during hours of operation requires the display of a valid parking decal or parking permit. If you have arrived on campus you should stop by the Campus Police Office or security office at off-campus locations before parkingto pick up a free temporary parking permit. This includes both staff and students. Picking up a temporary permit will require only about a minute of your time, so you will not be delayed in reaching your destination. Temporary parking permits do not take the place of purchasing a decal and will only be issued to those who have a valid decal on their regular vehicle. If you cannot stop by the Campus Police Office or security office before parking, you cannot legally park in a campus lot.
  • Visitor Parking Permit – Issued only to visitors of Forsyth Tech upon request. Visitor permits are not issued to staff or students.



Where do I go if I have a question about campus security?

Please contact Campus Police / 336.734.7243.


Where do I go if I have locked my keys in my car?

Please contact Campus Police / 336.734.7243.


Where do I go if I have lost or found something on campus?

Please check with:

  • Information Desk, Main Campus Allman Center, 1st Floor, 336.734.7448.
  • Campus Police, 336.734.7243.
  • Customer Service Center in the South Lobby of West Campus, 336.761.1002.
  • Student Activities Center, Main Campus, Technology Building, Room 124, 336.734.7326.
  • The information desk if you are at one of the extension campuses.


Where do I go if I need first aid?

Please contact Campus Police. 336.734.7243