• Monday—Thursday 8 am – 6 pm
  • Friday 8 am – 5 pm
  • Phone: 336.734.7280
  • Fax: 336.734.7597

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Counseling & Referrals

  • Director is available to provide counseling and appropriate agency referrals based on individual needs; information obtained during a session remains confidential
  • Referral agencies include: Experiment in Self-Reliance (ESR), Family Services, Inc., Housing Authority of Winston Salem, Work/Family Resource Center, Department of Social Services (DSS), Salvation Army and various other local agencies


Enhancement Center

  • Provides professional and casual clothing for female students in need, donated by individuals and organizations
  • Clothing distributions are held throughout the year


Resource Library and Internet Access

  • Available for students to study or just relax
  • More than 550 donated books and magazines for students, staff and faculty use; materials may be checked out
  • Computer with internet access available for students to complete assignments or to do research
  • May be utilized for small group meetings


SWCircle (Committed to Incorporating Resources Centered in Leadership Experiences)

  • Promotes educational, personal and professional development of women by providing opportunities for them to:
    • Attend local conferences, seminars, and workshops (e.g. Salem College Women’s Leadership Conference)
    • Create, develop, and implement service learning opportunities (e.g. Domestic Violence Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, and other women-related issues)
    • Get involved with campus and community initiatives (e.g. These Hands Don’t Hurt, SWC Health Fair, etc.)
    • Get involved with civic service (e.g. College Advisory Board to the City Council)
    • Network and develop relationships with local businesswomen both on and off campus
    • Connect with a mentor


Empowerment Seminars/Workshops and Displays

  • Center sponsors numerous sessions throughout the year on topics such as:
    • Health Awareness
    • Financial Management and Understanding Your Credit
    • Dress for Success
    • Self Defense, and others
  • Information displays are set up throughout our campuses during the year on topics such as:
    • Cancer Awareness
    • Child Abuse Awareness
    • Domestic Violence Awareness
    • Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness, and others


History of the Center

In December 1998, Forsyth Tech opened the first women’s resource center on a North Carolina community college campus. Gloria Sexton, the former director, initiated the idea. It was then shared with former president of Forsyth Tech, Dr. Desna Wallin. Room 206 of Hauser Hall was allocated and renovated for the center. In August 2002, the Forsyth Technical community College Foundation received an endowment from Mr. Grover F. Shugart, CEO of Shugart Enterprises, LLC, for the college’s Women’s Resource Center. The center was then renamed Shugart Women’s Center at Forsyth Tech. Although the center assist female students, it is open to all enrolled students of Forsyth as well as faculty and staff.



Why I love the Shugart Women’s Center!

When I first arrived at Forsyth Tech in the fall of 2009, I was lost and scared. I was in an abusive relationship where I was stifled and afraid. That was my first time in a college environment. Since then, I have gained two degrees: one in Paralegal Technology and the most recent one in Criminal Justice (with honors). I am now working on my B.S. in Criminal Justice.

I first met the ladies of the Shugart Women’s Center (Ms. Sherraine and Ms. Terri) when it was suggested to me that I speak with them about a hardship I was having at the time. I can remember that after meeting them, I felt safe. Safe to be myself. Safe to be whom I was supposed to be. They did not judge me, but they had a sincere desire to help me. That was the beginning of my relationship with these awesome women of the Shugart Women’s Center. I still continue to have contact with them. They are hard to forget and easy to love.

The service they provide for the female students is beyond explainable. It is something that you can’t really put into words, but into feelings. Everything that this wonderful center provides (from the library and computers that we can use in the office because it is quiet, to the financial services, the inspiration, the compassion, and the motivation they offer) is much needed by those who come to the center. This small center has helped to change the lives of many of the women who come through their doors.

They are farmers, planting seeds that bloom into flowers.

– Donna Farrar


Finding “Balance” In My Future!

Believe it or not, I love to prepare taxes – for other people, that is. That’s what I do at a local tax service and what I’d like to do as a career. I’d like to prepare taxes for a company like this for a few more years, then open up my own little tax service. It’s a dream made possible by Forsyth Tech, but one that took a while to become reality.

I love math, and 20 years ago I tried to come to Forsyth Tech to get an Accounting degree, but for personal reasons I had to drop out. Eventually, I found myself with a young child at home and working temp jobs. I wanted to find something permanent and more stable, but without a degree that was hard to do. I couldn’t find a fulltime job, and I thought if I got a degree it would help me out. My love of accounting hadn’t waned, so I returned to Forsyth Tech to get my degree. But it wasn’t easy.

My second year there I was going through a lot of personal problems and was ready to just quit. But then I met Ms. Sherraine McLean, Director of the Shugart Women’s Center at Forsyth Tech. I started talking to her and she became like my personal counselor. She helped me work through a lot of things and I stayed in school. I give credit to Ms. McLean for keeping me on track. If it weren’t for Ms. McLean, I wouldn’t have made it through. I would have quit.

But I didn’t quit. I graduated in 2012 with an AAS degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Accounting. Now I’m doing a job that I love and I have long-term career goals. If someone asked me how they could have a better life, I would simply tell them, “Forsyth Tech is a great place to start.”

– Sandra Campbell


Staff Listing

Shugart Women’s Center
Hauser Hall, Room 206
2100 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC 27103-5197
Phone: 336.734.7280
Fax: 336.734.7597
Email: swc@forsythtech.edu

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Kenyetta Richmond, MS Director Phone: 336-734-7242
Fax: 336-734-7597
Email: krichmond@forsythtech.edu
Donna Zeliznak Staff Assistant 336.734.7280