Study Says 1-Million Middle Class Jobs for People Without 4-Year Degree Are Unfilled

WFMY News 2

September 19, 2012

Washington, D.C.–  A new study from Georgetown University says that there are 29-million jobs for people without four year degrees, and at least 1-million of them are unfilled. Although these jobs don’t require 4-year degrees, they do require some kind of training. This includes 2-year degrees, training, or post-secondary certificate. Often times, those certifications can be earned at community or tech schools like GTCC.

Dr. Gary Green reviewed the study and offered this statement:

The Georgetown University verifies the experience on the ground at places like Forsyth Tech — that there are jobs for people who have the right skills, and that those skills can lead to the middle class. And the place to gain those skills is the community college, especially in difficult economic times, when people need accessible training and employers need the highly skill workforce that can keep them competitive. Our work at Forsyth Tech with students in fields like nursing and allied, health, advanced manufacturing, IT, and biotechnology is preparing them for the 29 million jobs cited in the study. One of the disappointing points in the study is the under-investment in community colleges nationally.

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