The Art Of Diplomacy

Richard Jaworski

Richard Jaworski has an interesting world view. He recently completed an assignment as minister counselor for Management Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. And before that, he held posts in Turkey, London, Warsaw, Tel Aviv and Helsinki. In September, Mr. Jaworski spoke to a group, including 28 international business students, in the Oak Grove Center auditorium, about his career as a U.S. State Department Foreign Service officer.

Currently serving as diplomat-in-residence for the southern U.S. Mid-Atlantic region, Mr. Jaworski introduces students to career opportunities within the Foreign Service. During his talk, he stressed that the State Department seeks people with diverse experience from all academic backgrounds. “The Foreign Service offers a career for life,” he explained. “You have to be adaptable, sensitive to other cultures, passionate about public service and willing to embrace change – you’ll be moving every few years.”

International Business program coordinator Diane Griffin’s class attended the presentation. “My goal is to introduce my students to job and career options that they might not know exist,” explained Diane, whose MBA in International Business Management led to a job at the Pew Research Center in Washington, DC. “Sessions like the one held today show students that a background in international business can open up many unexpected doors.”