WheelTime Network Launches ‘Connection’ Program Aligning Top Community and Tech College Grads with Positions Across the WheelTime Network

Forsyth Tech Selected as First WheelTime Connection Campus

Greensboro, N.C. – July 25, 2016 – WheelTime Network is proud to announce the official launch of WheelTime Connection, a placement and development program for graduating community college and technical school techs across the country. The WheelTime Connection program improves the alignment between community college and tech school coursework and the needs for new technicians in the commercial vehicle industry. Forsyth Technical Community College is the first to join the program and is currently the only North Carolina campus. Since Forsyth’s selection, WyoTech, based in Wyoming, has also joined the program.

“We spent a great deal of time researching the needs surrounding technician education and the trucking industry,” said Mike Delaney, president and CEO of WheelTime. “WheelTime Connection is the result, and we’re very pleased at the reception it has received from schools and students around the country.  We’re especially pleased to be able to name our local partner, Forsyth Tech, as the first WheelTime Connection school in North America.”

WheelTime Connection begins when a community college or tech school agrees to partner with WheelTime, at which point students can apply to join. The program provides participating students with tools, hands-on learning opportunities and employment after graduation. In order to qualify, WheelTime has created a list of requirements, including attendance, overall grade point average and a commitment to exploring career potential across the WheelTime Network. In return, WheelTime Connection provides pre-graduation job placement, continued education to ensure techs stay current on changing technologies, and hands-on learning from experienced technicians.

“When Mike Delaney approached me about the new program, he presented exactly what I was looking for in an industry partner,” said Leonard Kiser, dean of the engineering technologies division at Forsyth Technical Community College. “WheelTime Connection inspires our students and gives them a tangible view of their futures. Mike and his team encourage our students to have pride in their training and the industry.”

“The biggest thing I noticed the first time I talked to the WheelTime team was that they not only cared about the facility, but the quality of techs we were creating and sending out,” said Allen Doub, program coordinator for diesel and heavy equipment and engineering technologies at Forsyth Technical Community College. “WheelTime cares about our students and shows an interest in them as individuals. As a community college, it’s our job to supply the industry and our community with qualified professionals. Being the first to join WheelTime Connection allows us to set the standard for the rest of the technical school campuses that join.”

WheelTime Connection was created to address the growing technician shortage in the transportation industry. With the help of this program, WheelTime is working to solve the problem and promote a better prepared generation of new technicians.

“Being partnered with WheelTime, allows us to give our students access to a variety of career paths and job opportunities in the industry. With its breadth of services spread throughout North America focusing on truck and coach care and its background in stationary power, WheelTime will play a crucial role in orienting students to what’s available as well as supplying the training students need before entering the field,” continued Doub. “A huge aspect of this program is letting a student, at an early point in their training, see the avenues they can take through a position with the WheelTime Network. When students get a glimpse of what their futures could look like, they come to class every day with purpose and passion.”

For more information on WheelTime Connection, call 336.757.3362.

About WheelTime Network LLC

WheelTime was established in 2004 as a strategic alliance among all North American Detroit Diesel-Allison distributors. The founding goal of the WheelTime Network was to adopt and implement a common set of quality metrics that would help members monitor and continually enhance specific service performance criteria as defined by their customers. Over $13 million in systems and staffing resources has been invested by WheelTime member companies to create and manage systems and metrics that enhance repair quality, service consistency and customer satisfaction on all-makes of truck repairs. In addition to more than 30 training facilities and more than 200 service centers located across North America, WheelTime members also offer mobile repair services and on-site truck care through more than 1,500 service vehicles. For more information about the WheelTime Network or WheelTime University’s “Total Tech” program, or to find the nearest service location, log on to: www.wheeltime.com.

George Arrants and Dr. Gary Green
George Arrants (left), director of Training & Recruitment for WheelTime Network, presents Dr. Gary Green, president of Forsyth Tech, with a plaque commemorating the naming of Forsyth Tech as the first WheelTime Connection school in North America following a signing ceremony.

WheelTime and Forsyth Tech representatives
WheelTime and Forsyth Tech representatives (left to right: Leonard Kiser, dean of Engineering Technologies, George Arrants, director of Training & Recruitment for WheelTime Network, Allen Doub, program coordinator, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technology, Forsyth Tech President Gary Green, and Mark Walker, department chair of Transportation Technology) celebrate the official naming of the college as a partner in the WheelTime Connection program. The signing ceremony took place in front of a 2015 Cascadia Freight Liner truck mounted on four post lifts. The truck is owned by Salem Nationalease Corporation and is being used as a live training tool to give students real-world experience while still in school. Once repairs have been complete and the truck is deamed road-ready, it will be back on the highway.