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Where Your Dollars Go

Your gift to the Forsyth Tech Foundation builds upon the strengths of the college and supports the mission of providing students with guided educational pathways into a competitive workforce for the community and global economy.

The Forsyth Tech Foundation has three fund-raising priorities:

  • Student support. While tuition at Forsyth Tech is affordable compared to four-year colleges and universities, it is beyond the reach of some of our students. Your gifts make student education possible. Most Forsyth Tech students work at least part time, and many are single parents. Others are out of work or stuck in low-skilled, low-paying jobs. Scholarships and emergency grants address barriers to student success.
  • Technology. Students and instructors need access to state-of-the-art instruments and equipment found in the workplace. Your support of technology provides our students relevant, hands-on experience. From machines that simulate cancer-radiation treatment to 3D printers that manufacture parts from thin air, technology is advancing faster than the college can keep pace. Investments in this area ensure students are trained on current devices.
  • Professional development. Our employees need to keep abreast of what works in education in order to remain at the top of their fields. Funding for professional development opportunities benefits employees, programs and students. Just as technology is advancing, so is the body of knowledge about how people learn and effective strategies for instructing them. Supporting professional development supplies mini-grants funds for employees to pursue educational opportunities.