Middle College Program

Forsyth Middle College is a collaborative project of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and Forsyth Technical Community College. It is a unique high school for juniors and seniors who are mature, self-motivated and ready to learn in a college setting. It offers an academically challenging environment without the distractions (or so-called “drama”) found in the typical high school. In other words, it’s high school for people who are ready for what comes after high school.

Middle College Mission Statement

Middle college is a program designed for high school students that may need an alternative academic environment to do their best academic work. The Forsyth Middle College provides a student-centered learning environment where each student can focus on individual educational choices, academic and vocational, relevant to a successful future.

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How Middle College Is Different from a Typical High School

  • Attend high school on the campus of Forsyth Tech. 
  • Classes meet from noon until 5 p.m. with a 4-period day. 
  • For students with academic potential that may not have been met and those who prefer an alternative setting to that of the regular high school. 
  • Offers small classes and individualized instruction. 
  • Students work at a quick pace. Many students finish their high school coursework early and graduate early. 
  • Dual Enrollment courses are offered, allowing students to earn college credits tuition free.

Extra Curricular Activities

Forsyth Middle College is not the typical high school. There are no sports teams, no pep rallies, no cheerleading squad. The school doesn’t have a junior or senior prom. Forsyth Tech does have a number of clubs you can join and you are welcome to participate in the school’s intramural sports, but Middle College itself has a primarily academic focus.

Forsyth Middle College Requirements

  • Any Forsyth County high school junior or senior, 16 years old or older, is eligible to attend if accepted. (Enrollment is limited to 100 students to maintain small class sizes.) 
  • Students are admitted at the beginning of every quarter. 
  • You must have completed the following courses before enrolling in Middle College: Algebra 1, English 1 and 2, Life Skills, Health and P.E. (2). 
  • The teachers at Middle College teach courses required for graduation in the four core areas: Math, Science, English and Social Studies. 
  • Electives must be taken as dual enrollment courses through Forsyth Tech or by other acceptable arrangements. 
  • You must complete graduation requirements of 23 credits.
  • Because Middle College is located on the Forsyth Tech campus, you must follow the Forsyth Tech Student Code of Conduct and policies. You will be treated as an adult and will be expected to conduct yourself as an adult in a college environment. 
  • Attendance to class is expected, as too many absences in a class (both in Middle College and Forsyth Tech courses) result in being dropped from the course. 
  • Punctuality is also expected, as accumulated tardies are counted as absences. 
  • You must have your own transportation to the Forsyth Tech campus. 
  • You must provide your own lunch each day.

How to Apply for Forsyth Middle College

  • Complete a Forsyth Middle College Application
  • Submit a permission form with parent signature.
  • Take the Forsyth Tech Community College Placement Test.
  • Have your high school submit a transcript of your grades and graduation status report.
  • You and a parent or guardian will be interviewed by a selection committee.

For more information, contact:

William Wynn III
Forsyth Middle College

Barbara Ashe
Forsyth Middle College

Dr. Susan Q. Phelps
Dean of Educational Partnerships
Forsyth Tech