Gift Planning

In addition to helping with current needs, some supporters of the college decide to assist with Forsyth Tech’s future needs by remembering the Forsyth Tech Foundation in their wills and estate planning.

Unless otherwise stipulated, bequests are normally added to the Foundation’s Endowment funds. This means your gift, whatever the amount, will continue to support Forsyth Tech’s mission always.

Some possible types of gifts are:

Outright Bequest An outright bequest in your will to the Forsyth Tech Foundation can be a specified amount or a certain percentage after other specific bequests are fulfilled. Many people find that this is the best way for them to fulfill their wish to remember Forsyth Tech.
Retirement Accounts and Insurance Policies Another possible way to remember the College is by making the Forsyth Tech Foundation the beneficiary of a retirement account or a paid-up life insurance policy. If you are considering this type of gift, please remember that you will need to change the beneficiary information on the account or policy. The disposition of these kinds of accounts usually depends upon the beneficiary instructions you have designated on the account, not instructions in your will.
Charitable Trusts For those with larger estates, a charitable trust can be a useful tool in estate planning. You can create a Charitable Trust with cash, stock, or other assets, making a significant gift to Forsyth Tech, while also reducing the tax burden for your heirs and your estate.