“A Really Special Day”

Here are what some staff and faculty members had to say about President Obama’s mention of Forsyth Tech and student Kathy Proctor in the 2011 State of the Union address:

“It was really great recognition for the college and our faculty and staff, and really special for our students to see one of their peers recognized in one of the highest profile events nationally. It makes more people aware of how Forsyth Tech in this area and community colleges nationally are really promoting a national agenda surrounding competitiveness and innovation. I think it was a really special day for the college.”

— Dr. Gary Green, President

“There were big cheers in my family when he mentioned Forsyth Tech and Kathy and what she’s doing and how she’s representing the college. She’s doing a fantastic job at that.”

— Jewel Cherry, Vice President, Student Services

“There is a lot of pride in that. I think it speaks well for the school all the way around and recognition for the school in a good light always helps us.”

— Bill Wilder, Instructor, Richard Childress Race Car Technology

“It’s nice to be noticed for what we do every day. It’s a great reminder that what we do is really special.”

— Rachel Desmarais, Vice President, Information Services (Technology)

“He was talking about manufacturing, and then the furniture industry, and then he mentioned Forsyth Tech. I jumped up and scared the cat off the couch and said, ‘YES! We have finally arrived!’ Then I thought, Dr. Green is not going to sleep a wink tonight because he is going to be so excited.”

— Susan Phelps, Dean of Educational Partnerships