General Policies

Students, faculty and staff have access to the library and may use the facilities and check out material with certain restrictions as noted below. Adult members of our service areas (Forsyth and Stokes counties), may also obtain privileges to utilize and check out materials with the exceptions. (See “Circulation
for details) The library also participates fully in lending materials to other libraries, local and out of state. (See Interlibrary Loan policies)

Section 636 of the Employees Handbook specifies that children must be attended while in the library. Unattended children, or children who are disruptive, will be brought to the attention of their parent(s) or guardian. If the Learning Resources staff determine that the guardian is uncooperative, he or she will be asked to leave the facilities. Public Safety may also be notified for assistance.

Additional Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities may seek assistance either from the reference desk or from circulation. The library staff is committed to meeting the needs of all patrons and will assist in providing a suitable place of study and retrieving materials upon request. It is advisable for students with special needs to make those needs known to the library staff at the beginning of the semester to allow the staff to better meet the specific needs of the student.

Student Conduct

Patrons are expected to maintain the library as a quiet place of study and must conduct themselves accordingly. (Refer to the Student Code of Conduct and Responsibilities)  Failure to conform to any rules of conduct or violation of any policies may result in revocation of library privileges.  Further courses of action may be pursued, when warranted, as outlined under “Disciplinary Procedures” of the Student Code of Conduct and Responsibilities.

Use of Library Equipment

Patrons who make use of library equipment and services may only do so for the purposes for which they are intended and only for those purposes that are provided for within the NC Administrative Code.  Librarians may make inquiries as to the purpose of any activity as the situation warrants.

Food, Drink, and Smoking Policy

Food and uncovered drinks are not allowed in any of the public areas of the library. Staff may possess food or drinks within their offices or in work areas subject to the approval of their immediate supervisor.  Smoking is not permitted in any building or on the surrounding grounds owned or used by Forsyth Tech. This includes all campuses, centers and locations. Smoking is not be permitted in any College, government or private vehicle operated or parked on grounds owned or used by Forsyth Tech.

Circulation of Materials: Students/Employees

Students who are currently enrolled in a course affiliated with Forsyth Tech may check out designated circulating materials from the Library. Books from the general circulating collection may be checked out for a period of two weeks. Two renewals may be granted, either in person or by phone, provided that there have been no requests place upon the material by others. After the second renewal the books must be returned before any subsequent renewals are made.

Though there are no overdue fines for late materials, student who have library obligations may be blocked from registering until the obligations are cleared up with the circulation staff.

Students, when applying for a library card, must present validation of enrollment and valid identification with current address.

Generally, faculty and staff are subject to the same circulation policies as students; however, special exceptions can be made when materials are required for extended purposes such as in class usage, or personal research.  In all cases, materials remain subject to recall upon the discretion of a librarian. Videos may not be circulated to students or to community borrowers in order to retain their availability for classroom use. They may, however, be viewed by anyone within the Learning Resource Center.  The circulation period for videos is one week.

Circulation: Community Borrowers

The Forsyth Tech Library extends borrowing privileges to adult users (over the age of 18) in its service areas (Forsyth and Stokes counties). Community borrowers are restricted to five items out at a time, with one renewal.  Videos may not be circulated.

Reserve Materials

Instructors may place materials on reserve for certain classes for a semester or less, with at least one week’s advance notice to the circulation staff. Generally these materials are designated as “in-house only,” restricted to use within the library. Should the instructor desire other arrangements they should direct their inquiries to the Circulation Desk. Instructors will be asked at the end of the semester to either remove their reserves or to make arrangements to have them continued into the next semester. 

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Services involves the borrowing and lending of print materials between libraries. It allows both faculty and students an opportunity to use books and articles that would be otherwise unavailable.

Services are restricted to students currently enrolled at Forsyth Tech, faculty and staff. Community patrons may not employ the service and are advised to apply at their public library’s Interlibrary Loan Department. Student Interlibrary Loan transactions are restricted to those items which are directly related to classroom or other school-related activities. No one may have more than 10 interlibrary requests submitted at one time.

If renewal is necessary, this must be requested at least one week in advance of the due date. Renewals are by no means automatic and may not necessarily be granted by the library providing the books. Some libraries may charge for services or copies, in which case every effort will be made to inform the patron ahead of time. When an interlibrary loan incurs a charge, the person receiving the material must make or provide for payment upon receipt of the materials.

Any borrower who violates or abuses interlibrary lending policies jeopardizes the borrowing privileges of all Forsyth Tech patrons. At its discretion, a lending institution may discontinue all service to Forsyth Tech because of violations of its lending policies.  Therefore, all patrons must strictly abide by any guidelines, restrictions, and due dates established by the lending library or their borrowing privileges will be revoked.

Computer Use

Students who need to access the Internet computers in the library must produce a photo I.D. Two half-hour sessions may be reserved at any one time. A student completing their time of use may reserve additional slots if computers are available. A student must relinquish their spot promptly at the end of their time, especially when the next appointee is present.

The use of the school’s computers is restricted to the terms as expressed within Forsyth Tech’s “Acceptable Use” guidelines and should be related only to school business. Those engaged in other uses may be asked to relinquish their seats in favor of students working on class assignments.