Courage to Overcome Roadblocks

Julia Grace Collins

As a child, Julia Grace Collins wasn’t sure if she wanted to work in the medical field.  Born with spina bifida, a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly, she spent a lot of time going to doctors, having procedures and undergoing therapy.  After graduating from West Forsyth in 2013, she began studying psychology at UNC-Greensboro.  But Collins realized she was a good advocate for patients.  In 2014, she transferred from UNCG to Forsyth Tech to pursue a degree in Medical Office Administration.  Taking courses both on campus and on-line, Collins said, “my instructors were great. They were accommodating and met my needs.”

Collins uses a wheelchair and admits it can be difficult to realize your limitations.  She explains, “when you hit a roadblock, try to find another path or another way to do things, and many more opportunities come about.”  Some of her most loved experiences include therapeutic horseback riding, wheel chair basketball and adaptive downhill skiing.  Through her own determination and the support of close friends and family, Collins graduated Forsyth Tech with an Associate in Applied Science degree Spring 2019.

Collins plans to stay in the Clemmons area working in a hospital or clinic.  Her courage and strength of character will be an asset to her career.  “I have the perspective of being a patient.  I have been told I am an empathetic person and if someone is nervous I understand and can help.”

Laura Rumfelt

Laura Rumfelt

Early College/SGA/Award Winner

When Laura Rumfelt was in middle school she wanted to be a psychiatrist.  Realizing this career choice required many years of college and financial cost, she looked for alternative options.  Coupled with the fact Rumfelt did not have the best middle school experience and did not have much expectation about a high school experience, she enrolled in Early College of Forsyth.  Rumfelt explained, “I entered Early College with a mindset of mediocrity.  All I wanted was an average GPA and an average experience.”  But all that changed, however, when she became involved with the Alpha Mu Beta Honor Society.  She was pushed to aim for excellence.  Not only her grades, but also her college experience, improved as Rumfelt connected with people who supported her during this period of her life.   Rumfelt credits her growth to, “all the opportunities and the supporting faculty and staff at both the Early College and Forsyth Tech as a whole.”
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Medical Assisting Students Brought Blended Cultures to Class

Through their differences, four of the recent graduates in the Medical Assisting program at Forsyth Technical Community College had more in common than their classes. Three are first in their family to graduate from college, three are first generation American citizens and one migrated to the United States from Nigeria. All of them give kudos to their instructor, Anna Hilton, and to all the instructors for encouraging them and supporting them throughout their program.
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Discovering His Tech Talents Early

Obed Cahua

After Obed Cahua graduated from high school, he decided to pursue a degree from a technical college.  Cahua is autistic and learns differently than his classmates.  Taking advantage of the educational options at Forsyth Tech, Cahua explained, “I really appreciated my school counselor who took time to share with me how I could take courses without getting burned out.” Cahua made the best choices to fit his learning style.

During Forsyth Tech’s Community Computer Clean-Up Day, Cahua worked in an area that comes naturally to him.  He volunteered to help people throughout the community who brought their computers in for the free service.  Cahua is a good listener, extremely patient and enjoys helping others solve problems.  His skills and knowledge of the computers was a valuable resource that day.

Cahua is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and graduated with an IT-Technical Support & Services A+ Certificate and an IT-Technical Support & Services Helpdesk Certificate.  Cahua plans to continue his education and earn an Associates in IT.

Integrity and commitment are the two words that best describe Obed Cahua.

Forsyth Technical Community College Students Garner National SkillsUSA Awards

Fourteen students from Forsyth Tech won awards, including one gold and three silver medals, during the SkillsUSA competition in Louisville, Ky., June 24-28, 2019. This was the 55th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students. Since the SkillsUSA state competition in Greensboro in April, students have prepared diligently for the national competition and their efforts paid off.
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