10 to Watch: Janet Spriggs, president, Forsyth Technical Community College

Janet Spriggs’ second year as president of Forsyth Tech Community College was fraught with challenges brought about by Covid-19. There were delays in construction of the college’s Mazie S. Woodruff Aviation Technology Lab at Smith Reynolds Airport, now expected to open this year. The school was also forced to roll out its new branding in a “drive-thru” event.

Most important, though, is facing the challenge that community colleges do best: quickly pivoting to meet changing workforce needs, regardless of why they change. Spriggs said FTCC will rise to the challenge in 2021 to provide employers with skilled workers and students with employment opportunities.

“Every time there is a recession, we have seen that community colleges play an invaluable role in helping to retrain the workforce for the new jobs that are going to be born from the recession,” Spriggs said. ”We see that same thing happening because of what the pandemic has done to our economy.”

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